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Graphics card problems

I have a system with an HIS reference 5770. The problem is with even a slight bump anywhere in the case my monitor looses display and I can hear the graphics card fan ramping up and down. When I loose display though, I can hear that the system is still "on" but i'm not sure what state it is in because there is no display. I have checked temps and screws and the card is not overheating nor is it loose (as far as I can fell anyway.) Please help!

Thks, Jeteroll
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  3. card not well seated or cable to monitor loose or broke
  4. COMON!!!
  5. If its a little knock and you get such a huge issue from it then its obvious that its a loose electrical connection somewhere. Favourite would be the display port on the GPU. If the card was not ramping up and down I would think it might be the cable.
    It could still be the cable as you have not stated what you were doing at the time so if the signal was lost during gaming I guess its conceivable that its dropping out of 3D mode and ramping down.

    Can I assume that you have tried wiggling things in a effort to find the issue ?

    I did have a case once that would restart the PC from a slight knock, that turned out to be a bad header connection to the USB ports.

    Mactronix :)
  6. Well,The screen goes off at a bump on anything sometimes gaming sometimes Chrome. Yes I have wiggled things. Now That I come to think of it, my usb ports have been acting a bit wierd, but I already switched the header.
  7. Yea, its the gfx card, but I cant secure it anymore its not loose HELP!
  8. Bump come on I gotta fix this!!!
  9. could be the connector on monitor that cause this loose connector outside or inside
  10. Stop bumping its not acceptable a Mod will probably kick your post off if you keep it up. learn some patience, we are not a call centre we are normal people who do this in their spare time.
    Seriously you give us half a story then jump up and down when you don't get a response straight away.

    Now what do you mean cant secure it any more ?

    Mactronix :)
  11. Sorry about the bumping, I was being stupid, I womt do it again. thsnks for letting me know I was being stupid :)

    So here it is: I bump my system, the monitor goes off and the gpu fan goes crazy. But not when I take the gpu out so I have concluded that either the gpu or one of it's connectors is loose, which I think is a fair assumption.

    I say I cant secure it anymore because I took it out, checked and cleaned all of the connectors, and Then I put it back in. I have all the io screws in and It's in the pci slot and the little lock is engaged. I am just saying that it is properly secured.
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    Ah I see you mean you cant secure it any more(extra) not you cant secure it any more (like not at all) :D

    I think it may be the connection between the display adapter, (the actual connection) and the PSB, (the actual GPU board) Just to be sure we are clear on what we are talking about.

    Mactronix :)
  13. Hmm.. I see i will look into that thanks a lot Mactronix!
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