Upgrade video card for skyrim

I have a Asus p5b motherboard with 4gig of ram, dual core intel (2*2.66), enough HDD space, but the thing I'm running into is a video card.
I'm currently running a GeForce 7600GS (not the best but it workED for me (now I'm wanting to try some PC gaming). I want to upgrade it but not spend an arm and a leg, maybe $100 or so.
Any tips or suggestions?
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  1. 5770/6770 is probably the best value around that price point.
  2. Hi,

    I'm running it quite smoothly on a HD4850 512MB. That's at 1920x1080 with No AA.
    our power-supply might also be a limiting factor in the equation, so check the cards minimum power requirements are under your PSU's rated wattage before you buy.
  3. +1 to the 6770. It's in the lower $100s range.

    If you want something around $100 or less, an HD 6750 is a great option as well.

    EDIT: As AidanJC mentioned, PSU is also something to consider. If your PSU is 400W or so, go for the HD 6770. If not, and you have lets say 300W, an HD 6670 is also a decent card.
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