Is upgrading from current dx10 video card to dx11 video card worth it?


I am currently interested in upgrading my video card (Dx10) to a Dx11 card and was wondering if it would be worth it. My system specs are a M2A-VM mobo, 3Gb of DDR PC2-6400, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.0Ghz, EVGA 8800GT superclocked (I have done no overclocking though) video card, Rosewill 550w (part number RP550-2) power supply, Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320Gb hard drive with Windows 7 32 bit OS. Would upgrading to a PCI-2.0 video card with directx 11 be worth my money. I have read that it should be downward compatible, however will it be able to render physx with my current setup. Also, I am planning on upgrading my memory, any thoughts on what speed, type?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. please do not double post
  2. It will be worth it but i recommend buying a new video card in march because amd 7000 and nvidia 600 siries will launch
  3. card/your system can't push the one you have now.

    ram/2-2gig sticks of DDR2 800. trash what you have unless the 3 you have are exactly the same and you can get 1 more stick just like it..... having said that, you need an over haul.
  4. Your card is quite old, for comparison the ancient consoles, like the ps3 for example uses a version of the 7800gt, so you arent much better off than those stone age things. You are lookin at quite a few generations since then of new tech. I'm honestly not an expert on AMD cpu's in that range that yours is in, but goin too big on a new card could cause you to be limited by an older cpu, just keep that in mind.

    But in short, yeah a new vid card would help alot, as well as the obvious memory upgrade. Having said that, dont go too nutz on the card unless you plan to upgrade the rest of the system not too far down the road. The upgrade from DX 10 to 11 isnt that big of a deal graphics wise, esp if you dont have a higher end card to pump out that tesselation. However just the upgrade to somethin more powerful could make a rather big difference in not just your FPS, but also how many other effects you can turn on with more power.

    I may be partial to nvidia in the current gen for the types of games i play, so a 560ti is a solid card thats still moderately priced and shouldnt be too much for your system.
  5. Yes I do highly recommend an upgrade!
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