Requesting help: Laptop Aspire 5750G (heat problems)?

I bought the dust spray but it didn't work. Also been trying to change settings but my laptop keeps heating up whenever I am playing something (even Heroes III)
Theres only one option left and that is to open my laptop and see what's wrong inside.. however It seems like it's almost impossible to open it. I tried with a screwdriver and removed the screws but I still can't open it.. it feels like im breaking it.. Anyone know how I open this laptop?
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  1. Try youtube to see if they have any tutorial or call your acer technical support to fix this issue if you are still under warranty.

    Most likely it's the dust that's causing it to overheat

    Alternatively you can get a cooling pad to reduce the lap top's temperature.
  2. Already have cooling pad. :/
    Also im afraid going to the tech cost money. <-- poor student.
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