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I have a stocked Dell XPS 8100. Currently my video card GT220 is overheating so I yanked it out to get a look, it seems to need new heatsink, thermal cool, and fan. So i'm thinking.. time for upgrade?? So i've been looking at the hardware and honestly confused. I want to upgrade to a AMD HD 6850 if possible, i'll have to get a better power supply. However I don't know if other components will be compatible with the new power supply and 6850.
I have a intel i5-750/8mb/2.66ghz, 4mb 1300 ram, mobo is stocked from dell DP55M01, and HD is Seagate 750gb barracuda SATA 7200 rpm.
I am hoping to get a solid card upgrade without having to upgrade my mobo or cpu to a quad core. Not sure if that is a dream or not.
Sorry that I'm not more technical pls ask for any additional information and I'll reply quickly.

In addition my case is pretty big i know the corsair enthusiast series 650 will fit in there but I am trying to find the sizes of the video cards because I have plenty of length but not much depth due to sata connectors on the mobo.
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  1. What size is your PSU? How much can you afford to spend?

    I had a GT220 same problem. I might be able to help. I am not into AMD stuff. I like Nvdia products better. You have a good system but the GT220 sucks just like mine did. I built a new rig. I also have a Dell Insp 570s with i3 cpu 6gb of ram not so good dvd-cd player. But the rig I use now is a lot better than my Dell.
  2. psu is Chicony 350w. If I can get away with spending 200-250 for the new psu and cpu then i'd be very happy. Basically, i am trying to breath some gaming power into this old desktop for my wife when SWTOR drops in a month.
    I heard it was cpu based but honestly don't even know what that means. :)
    I originally was drawn to the 6850 because its a beast and its down to $140 or so, but don't know if I would have to overhaul my system to support it, or if I could get a sizable upgrade w/o having to spend too much.
    Thanks for reply and help.
  3. I noticed on the star wars site a thread stating that the poster (who posted a difinitive thread on all things hardware) would not recommend less than a quad core 2.0ghz and 1gb video card w/ ddr5 ram, 256 bit. I think im screwed and im going to have to go with a new psu, cpu, and graphics card. Just figured I would throw this in. I just dont' know much about mobo compatibility. want to know if I can use corsair enthusiast 650w and an amd hd 6850? Not sure what quad core to get but I imagine I could get one w/ around 3ghz. If i'm going to do all that will I need another mobo?
  4. The i5 cpu is good unless you want to step up to i7. Your PSU is low but an upgrade to a 450w to 550w would be nice. The GPU if you don't go with AMD then either a GTX 460 or a GTX 560 Ti. How many Pcie 2.0 are on your MOBO? If you want to run more than one card and your MOBO only has one slot then you would have to upgrade. If you do upgrade get a Z68 mother board you pick the brand. When they say a game is cpu usage just what it means it uses more of the cpu than normal. Your i5 has enough cores in it. I have a i7 2600k and it has 8 cores. If you have the money then build a nice gaming computer.

    It just depends on how much of a gamer you are. If you like to game once or twice a week or even 4 times for a couple of hours a day then just up grade. But if you are all out gamer and spend 4 hours or more a day then build a rig. A lot of people buy store bought computers and use for extreme gaming and the system over heats then they have a lot of problems. I know I found out the hard way.

    Both the card I said would cover what you are looking for the 6850 is also good. If you go with the 650w might be a little over kill but you could still use it. But get a second opinion on that from someone else. I don't know much about AMD and what is required. The 6850 I have read that it is good. All this boils down as what you want to do. Me I decided to build a rig I put 1400 into it and I love it. The Only down side to this is I have to watch it all the time and adjust a little here a little there to make sure that it is up to par so it can handle what ever I through at it. Any way I hope I have helped in someway and Good luck.
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