Playing two audio sources on two different devices

My PC is connected to two monitors, one to EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448, the other to IGP, both with DVI-D. The former is the main, mostly for me, while the other is used for my wife to watch streaming video. This setting has no problem when I do web surfing or work on office, but reveals an issue when I want to play game, because of two different audio sources - streaming video vs. game.

First, I enabled multiple streaming device on Realtek Audio Manager, and then set a game, Portal 2 in this case, audio to headphone. But still two audio sources are being played on speaker. And some other games don't even have such an option to select output. Is there any guide applicable to this situation?

My System:

i5 2400 - HD2000 enabled
MSI H67MA E45 B3 - onboard Realtek HD Audio
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 SP1
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  1. That is a preeeeeeety good question. I'm sure there would be a sound card that would enable you to split your audio through different devices.

    You could try running one of the screens through a virtual machine and then on that separate OS choose that sound to go through that one device.. and your main PC to run normally... one problem would be that your computer would have to be a tank and a half to process another OS and games without a fuss. I had a look for software/small additional device that would be able to split the sounds, and I couldn't find anything.

    I though under Realtek you could select what sound levels each device could use via each application that the computer has running..? eg: LG surround sound - disable Battlefield/windows sounds (Enable WMP for movies), then with Sony headphones Enable Battlefield and windows sounds... I could be wrong :F
  2. I'm having the same troubles too. Is an additional sound card really the solution? I just want to make sure before I buy my new monitor. Otherwise I might use bluetooth to send the picture to a seperate screen and play audio from there. For example: I want to play Netflix and battlefield 3 on my pc. Using dual monitors, how do I configure the sound? My pc can handle just about any program except for those big audio programs that are made for macs.
  3. I'm running win7 on 8gb ram, Amd 6core, 3.3ghz
  4. I don't know how you stream a video (browser or dedicated software?). You may consider:
    1. For game set all default devices to headphone's.
    2. If you are using Media Player Classic, select options>Playback>Output. Find "Audio Renderer" tab and select from list your second audio device (for speakers).
    I am using HDMI for movies and Realtec for headphones. Good luck
  5. Hello for those not interested in the answer above here is a alternate solution, but it requires a audio jack and a USB headset (or some way to plug in a second audio output and the machine to register it as a valid)

    Simply in the programs settings go to its audio setting, and set the default playback device as the headset you are not using, as i had a similar issue, but with recording and music, so i had to find a alternate solution
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