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i have a hp pavillion a6650f and i have 8 gb ddr2 ram and upgraded my video card to nvidia gtx 560 i also added a 600w power supply. i would like to upgrade my processor to something more powerful then the 2.2ghz thats in it from factory. i was wondering what would be a good processor to add and if i would have to buy a new motherboard to go with it. the factory motherboard is a m2n68-la.
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  1. the chances are that you would need to upgrade the mobo but that means you can upgrade your ram to ddr3, what is your budget? and i assume that you want it for gaming?
  2. on another post you said 520 GT not 560, there is a huge difference, please confirm.
  3. Well, the hp website says that your computer has the m2n68-la (Narra3) motherboard. There are several NarraX with the same name m2n68-la, and each seems to have a different socket, i.e., each accepts a different type of processor.

    If you can cofirm that yours is Narra3, then the socket is AM2+



    I think you can put a Phenom II here, but someone else should confirm this.
  4. depends what the bios will recognise though
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