Skyrim detecting graphics as 8800gt instead of 6950

I have 2 HD 6950 2gb's in Crossfire. And Skyrim detects my hardware as a single Nvidia 8800 GS with 512mb. This causes the game to run like shite because it isnt properly utilizing my video card/cards at all. Causes the game to run unplayable.
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  1. Did you try with one card only? I think AMD hasn't released a CF profile for Skyrim yet, but I'm not sure.
  2. I have tried with and without crossfire and it still detects my video card as an 8800gs. My card isn't even Nvidia... wtf? This is so weird.
  3. Have you ever had an 8800 on that same OS? If so, is it possible you haven't entirely removed the old drivers?
  4. Is Skyrim the only game to perform badly?

    what is your 3d mark score like?

    you may need to reinstall Skyrim.
  5. I figured it out. It was due to a skyrim tweak i had tried to improve the poor performance on the game.

    For the record, yes, Skyrim is the ONLY game that performs poorly on my system. Though I am not the only one, it has issues with crossfire systems right now. I mean i can run Battlefield 3 with everything on Ultra 2xAA, everything else on max at 4800x900 and get 50 FPS average. Which is pretty decent for that resolution.

    So yeah, its just Skyrim.
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