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Not enough 4 Pin Connectors?

I am adding a EVGA 560ti to my desktop computer, a p6000 series HP... this one:
The problem is, there aren't enough cables coming out of the power supply. I have two free 4 pin molex connectors. The graphics card seems to require 4 of them. What should I do? I have next to know experience with computer hardware.

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  1. Don't see why you have to use 4. You can use 2 molex cables with 2 molex > pci-e 4 pin adapters. The 560 uses 2 4-pins does it ?
  2. your problem is not that you have too few molex cables's that your psu is 250w rated...which is horribly low for a need at least a 550w psu (which by the way most of them come with pcie cables)
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    Yeah, you definitely need a new power supply. 250 Watts isn't nearly enough to power a 560Ti. Even if you use molex adapters, your computer will shut down if you put your system under any serious graphics load. If you're really unlucky, you could blow out the power supply and potentially kill other components. Look for a 500-550 watt unit from Antec, Seasonic or Corsair. One of those will provide plenty of power for that graphics card, and those brands are all good quality units.
  4. Ha, i was to lazy to check the link. 250 won't be enough no.

    XFX is fine psu brand to.
  5. Its simple. If your psu doesn't have the adapters get another. Even if you can do the molex conversion its not advisable. There's a reason why they did not add the extra PCI-e connectors
  6. Graphics cards use either 6 or 8 pin plugs for power. Do not use a 4 or 8 pin CPU power plug. They are wired differently. Using the wrong one will result in shorting 12 volts directly to ground.
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  8. Thanks all,

    Can anyone recommend a good cheap power supply that will get me where I need to be? I have about a $100 budget.

    I am thinking this one, maybe, just from a quick flip through of newegg.

    EDIT: Also, if I am going for a solid gaming computer, is it worthwhile to upgrade my cpu? If so, what to?
  9. Good choice.
    Or this one, same price ( 3 dollar more shipping ) 50W more and 80+ Bronze ;
  10. Actually I am seeing a lot of negative feedback about the first one I was thinking of. Something about finding the rating at room temperature rather than higher heat levels? My friend who claims to know things about computers recommended this to me today:
  11. I would go for the xfx but Seasonic ain't bad also.
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