580 Sli Crashing...help

Greetings all,

2 x 1900x1200 monitors
Rampage III Extreme
2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Superclocked
i7 960 @ 4ghz
Dominator 12g ram @ 9/9/9/24
vista 64
2 x 1TB drives in RAID 1
Hx 1000 Corsair Power Supply
And this Water Cooler with tripple radiator.
Corsair 800D

So this is a new issue...I have removed and replaced nvidia drivers and reinstalled Steam. This does not happen with all games but it has happened with MW2, and with Farcry 2 benchmarks (not Rage, which is also graphically intensive, though Skyrim just blew up). Playing at 1900x1200 on a single monitor.

A few weeks ago, out of nowhere, some of my games started crashing to desktop literally seconds after they launched. Dawn of War II is a good example...would crash at the launch screen for no reason. This would happen when SLI was enabled but not when it was disabled.

So I swapped the two cards as a test and the problem went away for DOWII, but it stayed for a couple of other apps, like MW2. I uninstalled my nvidia drivers and reinstalled and the problem remains.

I am actually going to install Windows 7 this weekend to see what happens but this final instance I find most troubling. And again, note, that I can play RAGE maxed out with no issues but MW2 crashes to a restart with an with an error 116 5-10 minutes into play.

I've run a Farcry 2 Benchmark many times on ultra settings. Run it without SLI, no problem. Run it with SLI, and it runs the first pass fine, then crashes right after the second begins. GPU temps at 85 (driving 2 displays but displaying test on one) and fan at 67%. I just think if it was a card issue it would crash right away, not right after the second pass starts with consistent temperature.

Anyone have any insight here? I am going to do a Windows 7 install to wipe the slate clean but just want to know if I am missing something. Again...had not had this problem until recently, and the crash reports back as a video driver error, nothing else.

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  1. Is the evga sli patch installed? Also are the drivers updated?
  2. I never installed a specific EVGA SLI driver. And I am currently using the latest beta drivers released a few days ago.
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