G620 VS X3 455, D3,BF3, CRYSIS 2

Hi all, I'm building a very tight, absolute $400 build for a friend. I am hoping someone can give me some insight as to whether a G620 is genuinely a better build than the X3 455, I see that benchmarks claim the G620 is slightly better for gaming, but it's only 2 core and no hyperthreading and a lot of games these days require 4 cores..which has me skeptical as to whether or not it can run BF3 at high settings.

With the G620 I have PCIE 3.0, latest 7000 series card, and a socket that is future proof. But with the AMD there's another core to possibly unlock, possible over clocking, twice the ram, no PCIE 3.0, dead socket.

X3 455
Video card-

Video card-

They both cost $394 shipped.
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  1. Most games still only run on 2 cores, very few games actually utilize all four cores. Btw you don't get PCIe 3.0 with 620, but you won't need it anyways. And socket is not future proof, nothing in the computer world is.
  2. BF3 is one of that games that likes more cpu. I cant find a x3 455 benchmark but the phenom 720 x3 gets about 55fps and from what I can find the g620 gets about the same. I have to beleive the athlon should score nearly the same also due to the clock advantage it has. Looks like you get to flip a coin. LoL
  3. The intel build since it has a better video card
  4. I second the Intel build due to the HD7770. Its a newer GPU and better performance/less power:


    Its pretty close to a HD6850 in performance while the HD6770 is going to be slower overall.

    Out of the systems though one thing I will suggest you changing is the PSU. Do not put a super cheap brand PSU with your components. If it fails it can take parts with it.


    Go with that. Its a bit more but has a $10 dollar MIR which makes it $34.99 instead making it $5 bucks more yet much better quality. I use these at work in our builds and overall we have had very little issues with them going bad. If they do, 99% of the time its due to the customer having bad power in their home/office.
  5. Thank you for the reviews! I'll be going with the Intel build for him, his upgrade path is so much better.

    I actually linked the wrong PSU! I made two wish lists and copy/pasted the slightly cheaper build and discuss positive/negatives with friend over going over his budget ever so slightly.

    I'm going to use an Enermax 450W, it's bigger brother is powering my rig. Not a big fan of Corsair, I've had them die on three separate occasions over the years. Extremely solid little buggers.
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