Need a little help deciding on something...

Hey guys,

I'm sorry that this will be my first post on the forum but my computer has decided to finally give up on me after 7.5 long years of use. I'm quite happy with it actually - despite it having no future proof capabilities I was playing Skyrim on high... Of course with none of the spiffy effects, but to me it looked just like the high quality videos on youtube.

Anyways, back on topic. So the computer has died and I am planning to build a new rig - I'm a little more knowledgeable now compared to when I was 12-13 years old but I'm no hardware junkie. My biggest question is since I'm so close to the newly released hardware coming around April (ivy bridge, new chipsets, new gpu's) I was wondering if I should wait for the new hardware, or if I should just go with my other plan since I'm getting antsy and build a new rig right now?

The new rig would look like this:
Intel i5 2500k
Asus P8Z68-V Pro GEN3
G.skill 8gb ripjaws
750w psu
zalman z9 case
500gb hard drive

And I would be waiting on the GPU's being released in april.

Another question would be am I able to use my old 620W PSU for the new graphics cards coming out? Or should I listen to the gentleman at NCIX and get the 750W PSU?

My use of the rig would be for gaming and I am looking omething more future-proof than my last rig... (ie can I install the upcoming processors, GPU's, etc. on my choice of mobo?)

My main concerns are that if I wait for the new hardware to come out I'll be buying the first releases that typically come with problems and such, where if I buy an i5 2500k I'm confident that it'll be more stable or whatnot...

On the other hand though I can save up even more until then and buy a possibly better rig with all new hardware??

Anyways if you read through all of this thank you very much, and if you are formulating a reply even doubly so.
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  1. What 750w are you looking at getting? The old 620w may be able to put out more power than it.

    In any event, the new setup isn't bad and it would suck to wait till April.
  2. Hey,

    It would be a Corsair TX750M atx modular power supply, the one I was suggested to get. I haven't looked at alternatives yet but at the moment the PSU is going at $104.99 so I thought it was a good deal (if I were to go ahead and build this week)
  3. Raiddinn said:
    What 750w are you looking at getting? The old 620w may be able to put out more power than it.

    In any event, the new setup isn't bad and it would suck to wait till April.


    Thanks for the quick reply Raiddinn, the PSU I was recommended was the Corsair TX750M ATX Modular Power Supply

    I've actually just looked at alternatives but it seems like I can get even cheaper (Antec Earthwatts 750 on my mind now?)
  4. You could wait for the new releases to come out, which would lower the prices on the older parts. By the way, Antec Earthwatts is nice, only thing is you need to make sure you have a power cable for it(they don't come with one). ;)
  5. Antec EarthWatts is a good maker/model.
  6. I think the 750w Antec Earthwatts does come with a power cord.
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. The Earthwatts looks good especially with its $89.99 price at the moment.

    Anyone have any thoughts on my other concerns? I feel like the processors won't be that much of a performance boost, but maybe it's worth it to wait for the new mobo's? Sorry, since I like to hold onto my computers for 6-8 years its a big deal for me haha
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    8 years is a long time. People may have 64 cores by then.

    If I intended to have a computer I made right now to still be usable in 8 years, I might try to max out the processor to the greatest extent possible, with a 2700k or something so I could at least have 8 threads in lieu of 8 cores.

    That being said, it may be that software never starts wanting that many cores.

    I would still go with the 2500k and bank the savings for the next upgrade sometime before 6-8 years was up, maybe in 3 - 4.
  9. Alright, thanks a lot for all the help

    I have until saturday to decide so there is a lot of thinking to do on my part but it seems like just building the rig now is the best plan...

    Maybe by the end of next year they'll have all their good processors and such out and I can upgrade with the price goes down and then stay in the game for at least 6 years.

    Thanks again for the help guys
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