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Is the Radeon HD 6850 Better Than the Radeon HD 5770?

I have been researching which GPU to get that is $120 or less. The 5770 is 110 and the 6850 is 110. Which would preform better at 720p res. :o
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    Yes, the 6850 is superior. Wondering where you are seeing it for $110? Newegg has them for around $150 before rebates.
  2. Nvm, it is 120. And it is from AnandTech.

    My other question was, does the brand name effect performance dramatically? Like Sapphire, ASUS, Diamond etc.
  3. Blah, need to go to I found the deal from
  4. Brand doesn't really impact performance that much, but it does give you some indication of the kind of support you can expect if something goes wrong. Check the reviews, and make sure you are buying from a brand that stands behind their product.

    At those prices, I'd go with the HD 6850 without thinking twice about it. Only $10 more for much greater performance.
  5. Thanks!
  6. brand really doesnt make impact, i prefer for amd cards, chose sapphire ones.
  7. 6850 all day. If you can nab one for 110, do it.
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