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I'm ready to partition my new 45MB IBM in my new system :smile: . Want to set up for dual boot, 98 and W2k. Also want to allocate a big chunk of the fast part of the drive for video capture and editing. I've read everything I could find here on partitioning and dual booting (my first try). Please comment on my plan, and recommend partition & swap file sizes, etc. I'm a bit confused on swap file sizing. I saw it recommended to use none or 256MB fixed (max =min=256) for systems w/ 256MB. I've never used less than a couple times actual ram, but I've never had this much to play with. Sometime in the future I'll add more drives (RAID 0), more ram, (maybe a 1.5Ghz t-bird?) and a firewire card to use with my future DV camcorder so I can do real (hobby) video editing.
Thanks for any suggestions.

All partitions FAT32
Partition 1: C:\ Boot drive for both OS AND room for swap files (3 - 5 GB)
Partition 2: V:\ Video data drive 20GB and Ghosting if nec.? (Assuming I can bump the drive letters)
Partition 3: D:\ Win98 SE and most software, 10GB
Partition 4: E:\ W2k and maybe some software, 5GB
Partition 5: F:\ Data for all software, whatever's left ~ 5GB

Iwill KK266-R mobo w/ Athlon 850 at 100fsb (for now)
256MB Crucial PC133 C2 (1 stick) (will try 4-way interleave if I can)
Radeon AIW
On board sound (until I know I need more)
CDRW (not installed yet, still in this machine)


the more I learn, the less I'm sure I know... :eek:
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  1. It is best for video capture to have two seperate hardrives, the next best solution is to partition like you were talking about. Go for a small (20G) c: drive and the largest second drive you can reasonable afford. As recent as a year or two ago, you needed SCSI or a "video certified" hard drive for capture, but now most IDE drives off the shelf will do the trick, even 5,400 drives. The reason for two drives is one for the OS and the other dedicated to capture. DV capture requires at least a sustained write rate of 5MG/sec. 9 Minutes of DV takes up approx 2G.
  2. Please read what I wrote 2 times few days ago on partitioning UDMA 100 harddisks (Kruno). Your plan seems very reasonable. You would need to have the DV capture partition closer to the outside of the harddisk, thus agian your plan is good. I do video capture and have no major issues. Speed is no issue any more with standard IDE Mode 2 HDD. It is also very important to have a speedy CPU.
  3. Kruno and gsjmia,

    Thanks for the responses.

    Kruno: I guess I'd overlooked your post on UDMA 100, or maybe I'd quit searching before you'd posted.

    gsjmia: I plan on going RAID 0 in the future so that should give me what you recommend.

    Now I'm fighting the AIW/VIA/M$ driver wars to get my system working. Compared to this, the partition decision seems easy!


    the more I learn, the less I'm sure I know... :eek:
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