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Radeon 6950 problem

Hey community,

So I have been having this issue with what I think may be the drivers on my video card. I have a reference 6950 (one of the ones with the BIOS switch) and was going to flash it using WinFlash. Seemed easy enough; download a BIOS, use the switchy thing etc etc. The problem came into play when attempting to use the WinFlash utility. For some reason, the utility showed that I had a Radeon HD 5700 Series card installed, which I obviously didn't. Earlier that day I did have a Radeon 5770 in the computer I have now, but I took them out and uninstalled the drivers afterwards (bought a refurb on Tigerdirect and wanted to make sure it was in full running order). So I thought, no big deal, the 6950 is hefty enough for the games I play.

The issue occurred again when I tried to play Oblivion (just bought it, Steam $4.99 this week, awesome) and it did the whole "checking graphics hardware" and making sure I had a decent card to play. Of course, in all these games, these things never work and it set to ultra-low graphics. I thought whatever, just go into the graphics and change them. I went into the graphics options and found that it showed I still had a Radeon 5700 Series, and this sort of set me off, since nothing ever goes right with this computer, and when I think it is working fine, this happens.

Any insight would be helpful. I am going to try a driver sweep and see what happens.

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    It is the best to use driver sweeper before installing new drivers. Download GPU-Z and check if it recognizes the new card properly.
  2. The GPU-Z states it is a 6950, but I swept my drivers (which doesn't really work, since Windows has 6000 Series drivers from back to December) yet WinFlash still reads a 5770
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