New rig graphics card

new rig as it currently sits on my wish list on new egg
asus p8z68 deluxe gen 3 mobo
intel core i7-2600k cpu
g.skill 16GB DDR3 1600 (4x4GB) RAM
WD 2TB 7200RPM 6gb/s sata HDD
evga geforce GTX 580 classified edition 3gb gddr5 vid card
creative fatality championship edition sound card
coolermaster HAF X case (2 extra case fans)
cooler master silent pro gold 1000w or corsair AX850 (850w) haven't decided yet thats on another forum
planning on a bumped up cpu cooler but can't decide on one yet

So I'm looking at the 580 classified seems to be very good bang for the buck and I could add a 2nd one if I wanted to get real crazy (don't know what game would really utilize it at this point) but considering teh 590 as well though I worry about cooling issues with it. Money is essentially no object but at the same time if I spend an extra $100-$200 I want the bang to be worth the buck. Thoughts?
2 dvd combo drives
1 blu ray combo drive
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  1. Resolution please
  2. If you're looking for bang for the buck, you're much better off with 2x6970, as they'll perform similarly to 2x580. Or 2x570 for slightly less performance with $300 savings. If you're looking for the ultimate graphics rig, get 3x6970. It will smoke 2x580 for the same price.

    The three optical drives is just plain senseless. I think I use mine like once every 3 months and I can't imagine anyone using 3 at once.
  3. 1920x1200 on primary monitor (I game at that)
    and 1920x1080 on 2nd monitor (i watch movies or listen to music)

    3 optical drives is just so I can watch blu-ray movies on 2nd monitor while I game and so I can burn drive to drive (I don't use them that often but they don't take much load so no big deal)

    Also I'm a nVidia fanboy I have been since they bought out 3dfx back in the day (loved 3dfx before that heh)
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    That's fine, but may not always be inline with "bang for the buck".

    You really do all that crap WHILE you're gaming?
  5. Yes indeedy otherwise I get bored. music while playing BF BC2 or MW2 or other FPS games and movies while I do stuff like play WoW, otherwise I get mad bored video games are easy nowadays even on hardest difficulty. i guess I'm used to ovestimulation and multi-tasking.
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