CPU bottlenecking GPU's?

I have 2 XFX radeon hd 6770's in crossfire mode, and an intel core i5 2300 overclocked to 3.4ghz. I would like to know if my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU's, and if it is, what are your suggestions for what CPU i should buy.
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  1. Oh no way not even close. An i5 2300 should handle Crossfire HD 7970s ( OK maybe a little there ) but it sure is not holding back 6770s.
  2. Seconded. I don't think 2 x 6770s would be bottlenecked by a 2300.

    I wouldn't try 2x 7970s or even 2x 580s on it, though.

    Especially not on games like BF3 that require a lot from the processor in general.
  3. that's not a case every 2 gpu's run fine on i5 SB series there is no sign of any bottleneck so don't think about bottlenecking you are 200% fine on these two gpu's

    good luck!
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it.
  5. Quote:

    +1 :bounce:

    x2 7970's on an i5 2300 or 2500k

    well the 2500k is also there at that level, lets say out of level 100

    i5 2500k is at level 85, while a 7970 x2 would be at level 98 or something along the line, but well to max things out pretty well and to keep them even and balance i think a i7 2600k would fair well although i'm convince the i5 2500k is a very powerful cpu too, im using one my self
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