CD/DVDdevice keeps disappearing- error code 32


Windows 7 ultimate 64

my Atapi iHAS124 B ata CD/DVD device keeps "disappearing"

try running the Microsoft "fis it now"...and get

A driver service for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. Code 32

Tried uninstalling the device and installing new drivewr....same result.

This is the 2nd time it has happened...last time I ended up having to rebuild the system from scratch..

Is there somethjing that gets hosed in the Registry ?
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  1. driver use hte link for microsoft fix it
  2. Thanks...but that doesn;t work....ends up in a circle right back to the same error message
  3. try to uninstall all driver for the cd/dvd drive and the drive it self then let windows install the new hardware detected
  4. yes, I have tried un-installing the driver, and letting Windows reinstall on a reboot. Still end up with same result, with that error code 32.

    During my searches, I saw a reference to this issue, but on an XP based system, that had a fix that required editing the registry some.

    The other possibility is that the DVD drive , although brand new in September, has become defrective....I ordered a new DVD drive, or a different make, and will try installing that.

    Thanks for the advice...I appreciate al;l the help !!
  5. your welcome
  6. so...UPDATE....Problem SOLVED !

    - received the new DVD drive, removed the old one, installed the new one....and STILL had the exact same failure message...code 32, another driver, it wasn't the drive

    Tried contacting a Microsoft Help person, and had to cancel out when I found the support was not included as part of the initial purchase price of the Windows 7 64bit ULTIMATE kidding me...!!!!!

    FINALLY...I found a useful thread that involved editing the registry......that did the trick. Now the new drive works.....I plan to reinstall the old drive, as I'll bet that it is not defective...

    Too bad the MIcrosoft "fix it now" application for this doesn't really work......or at least point to the registry fix solution

    to see the fix that worked at this URL, then follow the VISTA commands, (worked for me even though I had WIndows 7 )
  7. glad everything work happy computing
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