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Hey guys, buying a laptop and was just wondering if the following laptop is worth $400:

And if it is worth it to get this laptop instead for an extra $30:

The main differences are the first is a refurbished HP with a 90 day warranty (and they have a reputation of getting hot :P) also, it comes with the beats audio; the second is a Gateway with a 1 year warranty and has 6GB (2GB more RAM), has a 500GB HDD (the HP has 640GB) and comes with the AMD A6-3420M processor (the HP is one step down with the A6-3400). In addition the Gateway is also about 3lbs. lighter, but the HP has a longer estimated battery life.

I am feeling the Gateway after writing this tbh, but I am not familiar with laptops (I build desktops and know things about desktops) so I would like some feedback. Also, a quick question: on the Gateway, it lists the RAM freq. to be 1066Mhz, yet the controller is 1333Mhz, is this a typo, or is it simply a fact and they chose to go with a slower RAM? Would it be possible to switch it out at a later date with a higher frequency RAM, or would that be more so dependant on the motherboard? Also, would anyone recommend the AMD A-Series APUs or for this price, would it be better to try and find a deal on a second/first generation i3/5?
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    Well I found laptops with Intel laptop cpus are faster then Amd laptop chips. A good place to get info about Laptop is It setup in sections as Dell, Gateway, Clevo/Sugar and Alienware basicly all the namebrand laptop.

    They also do reviews on laptops.
  2. Thanks a ton :D
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