First Time Builder..Will All These Parts Work Together?

HI, I am about to order some parts for my first ever build, and would like an opinion on the parts I have chosen. I just want to make sure that everything will work together and that there shouldn't be any problems with the build.

Here are the parts

Intel i5 2500 3.3ghz processor

Biostar H6 mgc motherboard

Nvidia Zotac GTX 560

Raidmax Tornado ATX Case

PNY ddr3 ram

Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb

Antec 500W power supply

Logis card reader

LG dvd/cd combo

That's pretty much it... so yeah as a first time builder i'm just looking to know if all this stuff should work together and go together easily and your opinion on the parts as a whole. Also is there anything else I need to buy in order to put a system together?
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  1. All is ok. The only one cons i have : the PSU. For 4$ more change that PSU with this
    What you choosed is not even 80+ certified.
  2. OK I'll order that one, thanks
  3. Ok sounds good i'll look into it. Is the 6870 a better performing card for the money?
  4. also do I need thermal paste for the cpu?
  5. You will need thermal paste if you want to put on a cooler for your processor, and CPU coolers usually come with thermal paste. I may have missed it, but I didn't see a CPU cooler up on your list and that's a needed thing (unless you're doing some sort of test). CPU coolers are pretty cheap; I have this for my i5 2300:
  6. oh, i was under the assumption that a cooler comes with the cpu.
  7. They do, however since you are getting the i5 2500 (as opposed to the i5 2500k) your cores will be locked and the possibility of OCing is very limited.

    Most people opt for the 2500k because they want to OC their processor and in doing so they need better cooling.. thus why they choose to purchase aftermarket heatsinks.

    If you are not looking to OC, then you do not need to an aftermarket heatsink since the stock cooler that comes with the i5 works just fine at stock speeds.
  8. Ok that makes sense, i'm not really interested in OC so the stock cooler should work fine. Thanks
  9. Hi ive been planning on making a new gaming pc and ive pretty much collected all the parts. I am a first time builder and thats really all i need, I can still take some recommendations but id rather not have the price go up. The only thing iam wondering about is will all these parts go and work together and also with the current cpu cooler/heatsink i added how far from 3.3 speed can i go where it is still at a safe level that i wont feel worried with? here is the part listing: Here. Thx to everyone who replies. Also does the i5 cpu i bought come with a stock cooler?
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