PC won't boot with graphics card plugged in

Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum and I just built a new PC (my first). Hopefully one of you guys can help me out.

Corsair 650W
Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3
MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II

I first booted up my PC without the PCI-E cables in by mistake and the computer booted up just fine and I installed Windows and everything before realizing it wasn't in. So I shut down my computer, plugged it in, and the power goes out in my room. After turning that back on, I try it again and the computer starts but no display. I unplug the graphics card again and here I am typing up this message.

I tried plugging it into a different outlet and the same thing happened. Power goes out, and then no display when I try again. What could be the problem?? A bad PSU? I know 650W should be enough for this build..

Thanks for any help an advance.
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  1. What do u mean by power in room goes out?
  2. There is bios setup problem;
    attache graphics card, go to bios setup find and disable "Intel® Z68 Express Chipset",
    then find and enable "PCI Express x16 slot".
  3. Swolern said:
    What do u mean by power in room goes out?

    means electricity goes out.
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