I will pay! please just help!

I have been having this problem for such a long time now and have tried everything in my arsenal to fix it, and I have had no success.

Here is my build:
Amd 1090t 3.2 ghz @ 1.35v (The stock voltage was 1.45v!)
1tb samsung @ 7200 RPM
8gb kingston ram @1333 mhz?
Hd 6950 asus graphics card
Air cooling thermal take silver arrow 2

Now there are two problems first one is that I could never get past 10 minutes of prime95 so I turned the cpu voltage down from 4.5 to 3.250, I can no go to 1 hour of prime 95 and then boom the pc shuts down. I know this isn't a temperature issue because I can immediately turn the computer back on and I haven't overclocked or anything either.

This is a huge issue for me as I am a 3d artist and have to model and render quite allot and rendering is pretty much like prime95!

2nd problem is what hurts me the most, When I play a game for example skyrim, or crysis and I look around with the camera, the game jitters! bad! Once I have looked around my frame rate is like up to 60fps on crysis max settings or even skyrim max settings and the jitter stops (yes I have tried both games on the lowest settings but same problem presists.)

I need major help in this issue I'm ready to pay if someone can help me through skype or even on here aslong as my issue is solved!
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  1. The Phenom II X4 965BE is now decrowned, the flagship AMD processor product right now is the Phenom II X6 1090T this processor will run at 3.2 GHz at a full bi-directional 2.0 GHz HT 3.0 speed. Its voltage range is1.125-1.40V.

    You might want to check that voltage. I'm surprised any MB/BIOS would even allow that much voltage on the processor.
  2. Voltage at 4.5 and 3.250 ???? Your cpu is not fried yet ? Here is the voltage recommended by producer http://products.amd.com/pages/desktopcpudetail.aspx?id=640&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 and if you can is 1.125-1.40V !!! Its normal not tu run because is overheating.
  3. Yup, wtf is your psu doing?
  4. First of all, prime failing could also be an issue with ram.
    Go to your BIOS and load the defaults. Set the exact values on the ram that the manufacturer suggests.
    Run memtest for some hours and report back.
  5. ^If your ram is 133MHz as you think,
    you will set the ram speed to 667MHz or thereabouts in bios,
    which is roughly half double data rate :)
  6. You'd better PAY for a new CPU,Mobo and PSU..... Instead of paying here..... :)
  7. I'm sorry I meant 1.45 and 1.35! I just reduced it to 1.125 lets see what that does thanks allot for the reply guys! im actually going to pay if this *** works! no im not rich im quite a broke student >.>
  8. Oh and Moto If I set bios back to defaults it boosts the cpu voltage upto 1.45 and ram on auto.... what is the recomended voltage for working at lets say 3.2ghz on a 1090t 6 core processor?
  9. And....what Asus motherboard do you have?
  10. My Tx850v2 overvolts my chip, 975be, I just set it manually to 1.125v and Cpu-z/hw monitor report about 1.3v,
    usual amd limit is 1.55 ish so absolutely no higher unless you have some serious cooling, i.e LN2 or space :P,
    ram should say on it what the requirement is but 1.5v as a guideline
  11. Its not asus its some shity asrock motherboard, remember I orderd this build over the phone I told them the main compnents such as graphics card, processor ram etc so the rest they filled in.

    also for your information I have a 500w crosair psu
  12. Also moto I just set the voltage to 1.3 and prime 95 has been running for 30 minutes now @ 45 degrees and its crawling up slowly.... also any ideas on my game stuttering problem?
  13. Which AsRock? I use them and love them hehe,
    AsRock are Asus btw you know? :P
    another idea is check the drivers etc are all up to date, especially the gfx,
    *Edit, bit of testing at 45' temps, not too bad man, :)
    I prefer real world evidence though to P95 etc, I'm never going to be pushing 100% usage on it, I just want my games to play well lol
  14. Problem is when Im redering 3d work sadly it uses 100% on all 6 core processors and its a mini asrock motherboard I cant seem to find the model number as it is hidden under my giant silver arrow heatsink xD and yes the drivers are all up to date unlesss they released some individual patches for games?
  15. Did you try updating your bios? Make sure you got the latest bios update as in many instances things like that get corrected.
    I still would stick to bios defaults, especially if we are talking about matx boards. Those usually don't come with enough horsepower to overclock and in some cases it is hard for them to sustain more than 4 cores. Nevertheless you should update your bios, run defaults on vcore and speeds and set your ram manually to what the manufacturer indicates.
    If that doesn't work, please run memtest for at least 4-8 hours.
    Another thing, how many dimms is your ram? I have had a matx board malfunction on the 4th bank of ram while if it wasn't covered everything would run smoothly.
    Test all that and report back.
  16. New games often have glitches and Nvid/Ati release hotfixes to address them, Crysis is a heavy game anyway and often requires some lowering here and there on the settings to get an acceptable level of graphics/play,
    Cpu-z will tell you your Mobo model, available as a free D/L from CNet and similar good sites.
  17. Oh and btw, to determine which parts you got, run everest or aida64 or whatever they call it these days. Get parts models and don't worry, we will fix this if it can be fixed. As for the money, please, this is not what we are here for.
  18. What is a dimms? also it is the latest bios version and I have tried various times to run tests on default but they fail within 15 minute. I just previously ran a p95 test consisting of 1.3 volt to the processor and it lasted 1 hour than boom pc shutdown also not the temperature was at 48 at this point... and is mem test a software?
  19. actually yeah, what moto suggests is perfect. cpu-z will also inform you about the spd presets of your memory. cool.
  20. dimm is the stick of ram. usually you have them in pairs so most probably either 2 banks will be covered or 4. most matx boards only had 2 for a long while.
    And that's the thing, if your system fails on defaults then there is something wrong with it. lowering vcore will only make it more unstable.
    memtest86 is a software to test your ram. You download the dos version of it and burn it on a cd (it is freeware too). boot up from cdrom and tests start. usually memtest indicates faults on tests 5 and 7 but i suggest you leave it running on all 8 tests overnight (8-10 hours). Even a single failed test indicates there is either something wrong with your ram sticks or a compatibility issue between ram and mobo.
    so yeah, get us the name of the motherboard and we start there.
  21. Thankyou so much for your freindly attitude :) ok my motherboard model is ASRock N69-GS3 UCC also I might have fixed my graphics issue!! I uninstalled all the drivers and software and windows auto installed them somehow and so far no stuter is happening but I no longer have the latest driver version and nor do I have amd catalyst control anymore.... should I install them ?
  22. No, see how you get on with some testing first,
    it may be that the latest driver IS the problem,
    run a couple of prime95 if you want, but I would say play Crysis and Skyrim as you 'normally' do, and keep an eye for glitches, you may be in the clear already, no need to alter things until you know its still an issue
  23. OK it seems the jlitter is gone! but the fps is a bit lower than when I had the latest drivers....so Im not sure what made the jlitter with the new drivers O_o
  24. ok from a look i had at asrock site, they dont have any n69 but they do have the n68-gs3 ucc so i am guessing it was just a typo.
    Have a look here at the cpu support:
    Immediately we can nail down the issue! Your cpu is 125w thermal design while your motherboard is a mere 95watt power support.
    You got two options. Change the mobo or change the cpu. Frankly the mobo is too weak to keep, i suggest any board with SB of 710 or higher and it will cost you roughly 70$. Make doubly sure it is going to fit in your rig and that it supports your processor. If you can get one with 140watt of thermal design it would be perfect. IMO you shouldn't worry about the memory modules at this point as this is clearly a mobo-cpu problem.
  25. Oh and Im now starting to wonder if the shutodown durin prime95 has anything to do with nb frequency and voltage I have no clue what it does but it surley is suppose to work with processor right? I also have ht link frequency and a bunch of other things like thermal throttle...
  26. If you can live with slightly lower frames thats all good then, I know freezes and tears drive me insane so I'd rather lose a few fps to get a smoother play,
    keep an eye on AMD/ATI news for skyrim fixes and when they are released, try the updated versions, if no good, you can always rollback to the one you KNOW works, albeit at lower frames
    *Edit, nice pickup there Vx :) I looked and saw the 'X6 ready' blabber, didn't investigate further though,
    I did think it was a strange choice of mobo for a graphics design build though :P
  27. OK so now Im back to the prime95 problem.... that one beat of a problem man every time I render a charachter or something it gets to the chin and boom pc shutdown :(
  28. Ok i got some bad-ish news here. The cheapest mobo with 8+2 phases is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128519
    and costs about 100 bucks.
    You COULD go with a cheaper mobo but it is a shame having such a powerful processor and not being able to effectively overclock it (when you will need it)
    Also this mobo has sata3 on it, so when you can add a ssd it will rock your world.
  29. supmag said:
    OK so now Im back to the prime95 problem.... that one beat of a problem man every time I render a charachter or something it gets to the chin and boom pc shutdown :(

    As VX so awesomely picked up, your Mobo cannot supply the chip with what it needs, I reckon thats why its trying to overvolt in the first place tbh,
    you are looking at a new mobo that can handle a 140w chip which gives you headroom for clocking up, or a 95w chip which franky isn't your best choice
  30. hmm I can spend around 100 bucks on a new mobo bh as long as it fixes my problem but you have to be absolutely sure!
  31. Tell the PC builder that they screwed it up and you had to do dozens of hours of troubleshooting and they should trade it 1 for 1 with the better one vx53c chose without making you pay anything on account of their mistake.
  32. phaha this is the uk there all fucked in the head. I sent them back the whole build and said it doesn't even survive 10 minutes of prime95 so they came and picked it up and apparently I void the warranty by reducing the voltage of the cpu and installing a beter cooling system....wtf! also they apparantly ran 6 hours of p95 without it shuting down so when it came back and I checked the settings the processors were running at 800mhz not even 1ghz! and I could not even make a simple eye in 3dsmax or run even the simplest games.
  33. Very sure.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157280 is under the limit and also allows you to move chips to a bulldozer in future if you wish
  34. ^They probably enabled cool and quiet, hence the running at 800MHz
    but yes, so much for their warranty......
  35. So what is the difference between my current mobo and this one? and what seems to be the problem which is causing prime 95 or my rendering processes to shutdown my pc? just for information xD
  36. Oh and does it support intel chips? just incase intel relase some amazing chip for which some how I magically get money and want to do an upgrade...
  37. The current mobo supports chips upto 95w, your chip needs a plate that supports 125/140w, once it starts trying to draw more voltage to perform, it hits the 95w limit and the mobo thinks everything is on fire and shuts down
  38. ^No, Amd and Intel motherboards are non-interchangeable, if you want an intel build, you need an intel mobo and chip, cannot put amd into an intel board or vice versa
  39. The one you have says in the product details that it only supports 95w processors. Yours is a 125w processor.

    It is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Your board just isn't designed to work with your processor, it doesn't even try to work with it.

    Sounds like every time your computer tries to use the 96th watt, it crashes.
  40. Interesting! ok I shall buy this mobo I thankyou everyone for the amazing help! and quick replies thank you so so so much! oh just incase this mobo dosen't work could I return it? bare in mind I live in the UK so the shipping is going to be a pain in the ass or is their a newegg uk version?
  41. www.ebuyer.co.uk

    Those are two that I know of that people in the U.K. use.
  42. Use ebuyer.co.uk
    To see who has the cheapest here, I only posted newegg as you said 100bucks, I assumed you were a US member :-)
    Nottingham uk myself
  43. Ok awesome thank you so so so much I cannot stress how grateful I am, I have been trying to fix these problems from day 1 and always checked this forum for answers I never knew the community was so friendly and cool!
  44. We try hehe :-)
  45. Always.............
  46. talk to the people you bought it from. They picked out the mobo for you and they did a HUGE mistake. Possibly you should ask to speak to the manager. What they did is unacceptable to say the least. Shows that they are not professionals.
    Void warantee? Sure anything to cover up their incompetence. How about the fact that they themselves picked up a mobo that would change the voltage on auto because it simply was never supposed to be used with this component. Did they void the warantee just there?
    One thing i know for sure is how bad retailers are at their business and this is why i never let them touch my system and always make it myself. This is why me and all the people here at these forums help other people to sleep a little happier, not having to worry about any mistakes these companies do while composing systems with long and short legs, horrible cable management and even keeping components and not giving original boxes.
    See what being nice and knowing your stuff gets you with these guys. If that doesn't get you anywhere just buy any 8 or more phase mobo that will let you enjoy your otherwise awesome system, and try to forget the 50ish bucks mobo these guys fed you. As a matter of fact, i only recall seeing this mobo being sold on ebay, imagine that.
    A few things before you proceed with the new mobo.
    Your PSU is enough to support your system overclocked, but only just so. I don't believe it will have a problem there.
    Make sure that if you go for the gigabyte mobo i proposed, you got a 8 pin 12v rail from your psu or the extension that is usually included.
    Make also sure that you got the bolts and little stands for them that are needed to support the mobo on your computer case. Some computer cases need the hexagonal stands and some don't as they got elevated stands for the mobo screws already in place. Also make sure your case is big enough to support the transition from mATX to full ATX board.
    Like i said before, it is very common that stores that build the computer for you, will also keep all the boxes, extra screws, stands, extensions that are rightfully yours (and if that was the case with you, you are going to need them now).

    As a last note, if you would have a different CPU i would say get any mobo with 710SB or higher, but in your case, it is a pity to have such a competent CPU, a very nice aftermarket cooler and getting anything less than a 8phase mobo. The Asrock moto suggests is a nice one and i absolutely love asrock, BUT, it is 4+1 phases.
    Taking a look at overclockers.co.uk they do have the gigabyte i suggested as the cheapest 8phase board available: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MB-351-GI
    Have in mind that keeping the mobo you have with the processor you got will eventually result in one of them burning out or both. Shooting massive surges to your cpu for long terms, i am surprised it isn't already damaged.

    Try to resolve things with the store you got it from, but seriously don't let them take it for service again. Point out that it was them that up and not you. They should never have paired this cpu to this mobo and should at least reimburse you.
  47. you might no like my suggestion but here it is.....try to sell all your components but the graphics card or cards then get an Intel platform....problem fixed, and you will have a much better performing system....when it comes to raw performance Intel is king...I know it cost a little more but you will not regret it....also Intel chips overclock a lot better
  48. what nebun suggests isn't incorrect but it does mean a lot more money.
    Asrock extreme3 gen3 and i5 2500k is just amazing. The cost is about 300 something bucks.
    You could sell the 1090t for like 130ish and the mobo for like 40 or so. If your memory is 1.65v or less then you don't need to change that either. The rest you can surely keep.
  49. hmm selling is going to be a pain in the arse and Im at a critical time in college but thank you so much for your suggestion vx53c I shall try to commute with the company. Aslo now my games are running perfect! getting like 60 fps in crysis and skyrim ;D as for my work I worked out how to use thermal throttle and now when my cpu requires a high voltage the load reduces from 100% to 40% until temperatures lower and voltage lowers and then up to 100% again.

    As for the build I think I'll keep this untill it lasts and then im eaither going to sell the whole build or sell it seperatly keeping the graphics card as nebun said oh btw just incase your curious I spent £570 on this build did I get ripped off?
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