"The email adress that you typed is incorrect."

In my "Personal Details", it shows that "The email adress that you typed is incorrect." under my e-mail info.

This is the e-mail I registered my account with. wtf
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  1. I had just created a new e-mail account and it still doesn't work.
  2. Try resending your email confirmation - that should do the trick.
  3. I had done that several times and always get the following message.


    Your email could not be confirmed. Either you have already confirmed it or the link that you clicked is incorrect. If you have already confirmed your account, please sign in by providing your username and password. Otherwise, please contact a moderator or an administrator for further assistance.
  4. Change your email address to something else in your personal profile details, then change it back. That should hopefully reset it.
  5. It doesn't work and I get the following message.

    The email adress that you typed is incorrect.
  6. Does anyone else know how to fix this? In addition, I also can't comment on the news anymore for some reason.
  7. Might have something tangentially related to your signature privileges. I've restored your privs from earlier, keep the sig in check if you would. Also, try the solution I recommended earlier now. Let me know if it still doesn't work.
  8. It still doesn't work... Could you close this account so that I can register with the same account name (i.e. andy5174) again?

    p.s. I am unable to make instant replies as I am in NZ instead of US. Sorry about this.
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