Is this gaming rig good?+other questions

So guys, how powerfull is this custom rig?? and what can i do to make it better while still keeping the cost at my budget. On the other hand how can i make it cheaper but keep it as powerfull as it is now?

Gigabyte GA-Z68-UD3H-B3 [...] 3H-B3.html
160 EURO

Intel Core i5 2500k 3.3 Ghz [...] --BOX.html
210 EURO

2x 4GB Sticks [...] L-KIT.html

Corsair TX750W [...] IFIED.html
124 EURO

Seagate Baracuda 1TB [...] SATA3.html
122 EURO

Thermaltake Armor A90 [...] R-A90.html

CPU Cooler
COOLERMASTER VORTEX 211Q 21 Euro (is this cpu cooler compatible with mine?? do you know any other air cpu cooler that is 100% compatible with the i5 and doesnt cost more than 30 euro?)


Aproximate Purchase Date
1-2 weaks after easter

Budget Range
1200-1500 EURO

System Usage
Mostly Gaming- A bit of multitasking and surfing the internet

Prefered Website is the cheapest in my country and doesnt charge me any shipping because it has a store in my city.


Parts not required

NO (May overclock in some time but i wont need a cpu cooler for now)


Monitor Resolution

So, as you may have noticed i have not included a video card in my rig, that's why iam not building the pc right now but in 3-4 months when the gtx 600 series will have come out and the gtx 500 series prices will have greatly decreased....i will go for a nvidia gpu...which one do you sugest me for then?? Is it worth to buy a gtx 680??
What can i do to make the system cheaper without losing any significant power?? Are 750 watt enough for a single gtx 580 570 or 680 while still keeping the wattage delivered to each part of the system fine??

AND MOST OF ALL HOW POWERFULL IS MY SYSTEM WITH A GTX 570?? HOW POWERFULL WITH A GTX 580 AND HOW POWERFULL WILL IT PROBABLY BE WITH THE GTX 680?? Will it be able to run Shogun 2 Total War maxed out dx 11 hd with more than 8000 men fighting and with more than 40 fps?? What about the next total war game, do you think it will be able to run it at the same standarts??
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  1. This cpu cooler is better COOLERMASTER RR-B10-212P-GP HYPER 212 PLUS 25.84 €
    570gtx is a good option.
    750W is more than enough for your build.
  2. For the 150 dollars(us) it costs to go from the gtx 570 to the GTX 580, you get about a 15% performance increase. If you want the absolute best nVidia has to offer, get a gtx 580. If you buy an approved EVGA model, the step up program lets you trade you card in for the next gen card for a very big discount, if it comes out within 3 months of the purchase date of your original card.

    Going on the assumption that the next gen nVidia cards should be out sometime during March, or maybe late Feb, you could build the system now, and trade in your GTX 580, or GTX 570, for the gtx 680 or 670.

    Just some food for thought, the step up program kind of makes waiting for the next gen kind of silly.
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