PSU problem?

Hey all,

Recently my PC as been straight shutting down during game play. It seems like I can get anywhere from about 30 min to 3 hours of game play before the shutdown (happens with various games). After it happens I have to disconnect the power supply from the motherboard to get it to post again. If I don't disconnect it, about 1/2 of the lights and fans won't turn on and it won't post at all until I unplug the PSU from the board.

I've removed all but one of my GPUs and reset my CPU and GPU to stock clock but the problem still occurs.

My temps are all reading way beneath the danger zone, even when OCed. CPU never goes over 55c (OCed) and GPU (s) never go above 70c. Furmark and Prime 95 aren't causing any problems.

I personally suspect the power supply (Corsair HX1000) that I bought used about 1 year ago, but after researching I am wondering if it couldn't be a motherboard problem as well. It seems strange that the PC won't post after the shutdown until I unplug the main plug from the mobo.

I've been running my rig in tri SLI with 3 gtx 260 Superclocks for the last year (until recently). My QX9650 was OCed to 3.8ghz on a EVGA 780i mobo. I got like 10 case fans, with a fan controller and some other bells and whistles. Gamer mouse and keyboard off the USB. I knew I might be pushing the PSU a little but didn't think it would fail after a year.

Any thoughts? I been window shopping for a new PSU but would rather not spend the money just to find out it's something else.

Any thoughts?


Intel QX9650 (currently at 3.45)
EVGA nvidia 780i mobo
x3 GTX 260 superclock (currently only running 2 in sli)
Windows 7 pro 64 bit
8gb (4x2) OCZ PC 6400 nvidia SLI ram
Raptor HDD
Corsair HX1000w psu
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  1. Check your system event log to get the error code associated with the shutdown. Have you modified the reboot functions so you get the BSOD instead of an auto reboot. Instructions to disable auto restart:
  2. I had an extra Corsair 750 laying around so I swapped out my 1000w for it the other night. So far so good, I haven't had one shutdown.

    I haven't really sat down and had a long gaming session either so I will post again when I can verify the problem is fixed.
  3. yep the hx1000 I had was definitely to blame. Im still running the TX750 while I wait for my RMA without any shutdowns. Corsair was wonderful and are sending me the HX1050 as a replacement.
  4. ^Happy for you. I am surprised that the HX1000 fails so early but Corsair willingness to replace it with better one surely cover up for this rare mishap. I am a Corsair fan myself with HX620 & HX850 in my systems.
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