Why is my pcie video card and another slot of ram makes my computer turn off 2-3

I have this box
EMX-MCP61M iCafe mobo
amd dual core
350GB HD
2x 1GB DDRII PC2-6400 RAM
PCIe GF9400GT 512M Graphic card
AMI Bios updated recently by the emaxx website
PSU MI-500 500w

The problem is as follows:
I had this box for about 2years from now
and it works like a charm with the psu, graphic card, and with 2stick of 1gb ram plugged in
playing games like prototype, syndicate and NBA2k12 is not a problem running on windows7, suddenly i encounter this bsod and i did not expect it and so i didnt have the chance to write the error 00000000xxxx blablabla....
now when i turn it on it suddenly turns off after a 2-3 seconds i could not even make it through the bios.. then i troubleshoot any possible problem.
I carefully get the hardwares out in the case and bread board them one by one
I tested the psu to my other computer and it works fine the rams and the HD.
Now i put it back to the mobo one by one.
first i tried psu mobo and ram only and
it works fine. it can get me through the bios and to the windows logo but i need to press F8 safemode to get through windows 7, or else I will end up turning off the cpu again, because it turns off when i chose start windows normally.

Now i tried putting the second stick of ram, then the computer turns off again about a sec when i turn it on, so i tested the second stick ram alone and it works fine alone. and so i tried each slot with only one stick of ram and it works fine. then i tried the other stick of ram on each slot and it works fine alone, now i know that the slots are just fine and the two sticks of ram are fine. by the way I only have 2 slots for ram and the mobo supports 4GB ram.

Now to narrow the problem i just left the situation with one stick of 1GB of ram.

Now I tried the pcie graphic card, plugged it in, and i got the same result, the computer turns off about a sec, when i turn it on.

Now to narrow it again, i tried the graphic card to my other computer, and also the two stick of ram and the psu, coz i thought that the problem was a faulty psu. so i just tried it on my second unit, with its asus mobo and it all works fine it doesn't turn off the graphic card fan is running the cpu fan is running the hd is running fine and so the psu is good.

Now i am not so familiar with the bios but because of my frustration i punch to the moon to reset the CMOS. now the bios resetted to the default.

And now i tried with just one stick of ram without the pcie graphic card, and it gets me to the windows 7 logo, but still turns off even i pressed the F8 it wont get me through safe mode either.

Now I tried to go to the bios and maybe the achi configuration was not enabled or something coz lots of my friends who asked me to reformat their notebooks and desktop from winxp to win7 for them id always look to this bios configuration problem when installing win7 coz sometimes achi and ide configuration makes the installation go bsod sometimes or sometimes just hang on the logo of win7. and so when i figured out that achi and ide are just the interrupting configuration of windows7.

Now I tried to reformat again the drive c to winxp. and i got also this bsod after installing.
I made the hd settings and enables the SMART and 32bit data transfer and so i passed through the desktop of winxp home edition. now i searched for the regedit of MSACHI but it wasnt there so i downloaded the newest bios from the emaxx website and i made my usb to a bootable floppy and reflash my bios and updated the AMI bios to the latest update which is on the emaxx website.

Now can anyone tell me which is which. why does my computer turns off with my pcie graphic card and plugging in the two rams together makes my computer crazy by turning off for about a sec once i turned it on.
Now I cant even install the chipset driver from the emaxx cd nor the graphic driver from the cd. pls.. pls.. tell me how to solve this.
I dont have much knowledge bout the bios the voltage or the reserved etc. I also forgot the post screen just tell 768 of NVRAM instead of 1GB. or 9992MB or something like that.

if there is someone who could help me solve this problem, I would be grateful and much thankful.

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  1. Sounds like a motherboard fault to me, but they can be difficult to prove. I suggest you take the Motherboard and Video card to a computer shop for testing. It won't cost much and it really helps to know which components are 100% working when troubleshooting (and saves a lot of screaming/crying)
  2. heheh thanks for your reply bumnut53, well im now using its mobo with winxp os so i can surf the net. my two other computers was on a business which is a coin operated computer... as you said maybe mobo fault, but now im using it so i think its fine, i also search for some faulty capacitors and all of them are ok. I think and i suspect that some configuration with the bios will do the trick but seems like i don't know much about the bios like overclocking with the MHZ, volts or even the processor, coz when i look to the bios again it should be devided to two cores coz i am using 64x2 dual core amd. but as i saw this it only says that dual core 64x2 then the ram is 768 MB which is used to be 1GB or 9988 or something close to 1000MB.
  3. now i tried to install the motherboard driver, but when i install the onboard graphic driver it seems to shut itself out. and when i turn it on again i can only made through the windows logo and then it turns off by itself, seems that the supply can only supply limited volts that even the onboard graphics wont work, maybe i need to buy a new psu so i can test it out
  4. Sounds like a faulty solder point/dry....or you pins are damaged.
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