Advice on if the hardware works well together? ~$2100

I don't know much about computers, but I've done some research and assembled what I would like to build. What I would love advice on is: do these various hardware selections work well together? I don't want to accidentally end up with a video card way more powerful than my CPU, for example.
This is a gaming computer, not for a whole lot else.

So, what I've got

Case: corsair obsidian 800d

Power: corsair AX1200 1200 watt is this is overkill on power?

Mobo: Asus maximus IV extreme-z LGA 1155 intel Z68 If i'm only gaming, do i need the Z68 chipset over a P67 or H67? Will that even be relevant?

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500k Seems like there's not a real big gain for the price point with the i7s

Graphics: Radeon HD 6950 2gb, 840 MHz

RAM: Geil Evo Two 16gb DDR3

Post-product heatsink: corsair H70 liquid CPU cooling

Harddrive: 120gb SATAIII SSD Seems like one of the more reliable SSD's on the market. I'll throw in a
couple more regular drives, but just this one to run on.

Monitor: 23.6" 2ms 120 hz HDMI I would really like a 27" or 30", but i also want the 120 hz refresh and 2ms, which skyrocket the price of a larger monitor. Also, I'd like to keep everything looking as great as possible, and it looks like it takes a LOT more graphic card power to stay about 60 fps and looking good in games with the bigger monitors. What are people's thoughts on this?
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  1. Unless you plan on adding another graphics card, the PSU is indeed overkill. This one will still do dual cards.

    The motherboard is also extreme overkill. This is one of the highest rated currently.

    Have seen reports that the 2gb model vid card benches lower than the 1gb version. This is a very good 1gb model.

    Ram also overkill. 8gb is sweetspot.

    Water cooling is your choice. But an air cooler would overclock nicely.
  2. Wow wow wow. Tons of overkill. You'll need 1000W MAX to power dual or even tri cards and 16GB RAM is excessive. YOu don't need 2GB of VRAM, save and get a 6950/70
  3. Also, the corsair Force is very slow, the Crucial m4 is better
  4. Thanks so much guys!
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