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Hey y'all, just wanted some information about a thread closure. I was trying to help someone in the O&E forum in the thread titled "Social Worker". He/she sounded legit and I just wanted to know what caused the mods to close the thread? Sounds like they're in a heap of trouble. I know a bit about government assistance programs and might be able to direct this person in the right direction if I can continue posting here. Is it possible to re-open a thread? If so, would you please do this? Thanks :)
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  1. I did report someone that was making fun of the situation but I don't know if that's what prompted the closure or not.
  2. It was likely the initial report, and that the subject matter doesn't really belong here on the forums. You may respond, but the thread will be closed again in short order.
  3. For the record I'm not questioning the decision to close the thread, I just wanted to ask for a favor. Thank you so much :)
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