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I'll be brief as I can. I have Bellsouth DSL, 1.5 Mb service. I run speed tests and get very near that, usually between 1.1 to 1.4 Mb/s.

Now, when I download, in the last instance a game, I only get 160 kb/s. If I test my connection while I am downloading I am only getting 160 kb/s as well. I stop the download and the speed goes right back up. Why does that happen? All web pages load up quick, but downloads are barely faster than dial-up.
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  1. Even 56k dialup only was able to download at 3-4 kb/s. Your internet service is 1.5 M BIT, but your transfer speeds are measured in K BYTE, so your 1.5Mbit = 187.5Kbyte. 160kb/s is actually quite good considering network overhead and server response.

    If you run a speed test during your download, of course it'll be slower.
  2. Thanks someone19. I finally had someone explain that to me. After reading this I found a bandwidth calculator here:

    So your internet service speed isn't realative to downloads at all? It's just for surfing? Is this because of my relatively low upload speeds (250kb/s max) hamper the download process? And if so, isn't upload speed actually more important to achieve higher downloads than your download speed?
  3. They typically only hype the download speeds which would be faster than the upload speeds on most consumer lines.

    Its like km/hr and mi/hr. You can be going the same speed but the numbers for each measurement are different. Same with your connection. They quote you in millions of bits, and the software gives you your rate in bytes.

    Upload speed is a consideration in your download speed, but for normal use settings aren't necessary to get good rates.

    Again, if your quoted a 1.5M connection, I wouldn't expect to get much more than 160 on a good day.
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