Sabertooth 990fx & i get a solid red CPU LED

Hello I bought the
Sabertooth 990fx & i get a solid red CPU LED light on.
It won't POST, power on self test

($169.99) CPU AMD|PH II X6 1100T 3.3G AM3

1 x ($104.99) PSU CORSAIR|750W

MEM 4Gx2|PNY MD8192KD3-1333 R

Monitor Samsung 940BF DVI & Analog

I have to buy a SATA HDD , recommended 500gb?. Old ones are IDE

Possible Fixes:
- Test Mother board outside case
- Replace power supply
(I have a 250 W from old comp)
- Test Mother board battery

What is the problem? Thanks!
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  1. what? You have 250 watts psu and you're running your entire system on this wow strange thats your big problem.
  2. No. the 750 W is in the new Comp.
    I could try to replace this
    250 W is in the old Comp

    I'm frustrated i finally got these parts & somethings not working.

    I'll try booting with 1 RAM
  3. Try pushing the button on the io ports on the back of the board, the little bios button, it worked for me, I had this problem. If that doesn't work, then update the BIOS. If still no joy, then take out the battery for a few mins. If none of those work, then one of your components could be faulty. :))
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