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Hi there I received 2 brand new 5670's and I was wondering how am I able to crossfire them. They do not have any bridge connectors (or if they do I can't see them). I was researching on that and it said 5670's do not need bridge connectors they can internally crossfire. However I'm not sure about the validity of that claim and was hoping someone can help me here. Another question is how much PSU power would I need to supply these two cards in crossfire? Thank you.
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  1. The 5670's are not very power-demanding. Whether or not you overclock will influence the PSU wattage needs. If you don't, then 350 to 400 watts should be sufficient enough.

    Edit: 250 to 300 would actually do if you don't overclock. I accidentally confused the 5670 with the 5770.
  2. According to this AMD CrossfireX chart, you do need the bridge connector to crossfire two HD5670's. Only when you attempt to CrossfireX with an HD5570, do you not need the bridge.

    -Wolf sends
  3. I'm confused, if I do need a bridge connector where do I plug it in?
  4. "It is interesting that the reference model AMD sent us did not sport a CrossFire bridge, whereas the images of another reference card the company sent over did have the connector in place. AMD let us know the card can be run in CrossFire without the bridge, and that this class of card actually works well without one"

    There I did a bit more research and came across this on tomshardware website.,2533-4.html
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    It appears that if you want to Crossfire two HD5670s, you need versions of the card that have the Crossfire Bridge connection (not all of them have it). If you note the third and fourth pictures in the article you linked, the third one has the Crossfire Bridge connections. The fourth one does not. Apparently, you purchased two that do not have the bridge connections.

    Again, going back to the image I linked previously, it appears that only in the blue highlighted squares do you not need a Crossfire bridge.

    -Wolf sends
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  7. Gotcha, thank you very much.
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