I7 950 overheating problem ! please help !!

i have i7 950 on stock clock 3.06ghz ... when i paly demanding games like crysis 2 or bf3
temps are like 70-75 .... as i know maximum safe temperature is 68 C


TCASE 67.9°C

..... i have stock cooler .... i ahve to buy cooler for cpu like v8 or something like that or even adding 2 side fans on case will be enough?
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  1. What is your current fan configuration?

    Yes, you probably need some aftermarket cooling, like a hyper 212 EVO or thereabouts.
  2. so 2 side fans will not drop temperature of cpu ? i ahve only 1 fan 80mm fan ... i cna add 2 more on my case .. 80 mm and 120 mm
  3. Any fans you add will help. Upgrading the stock cooler will help also, but I'd get the fans first.
  4. what about thermopaste ? do i need it ot ? it will help ya ?
  5. "as i know maximum safe temperature is 68 C"

    This is for the heat spreader not the cores which is much higher max 105. if your cores is at 68 via bios and or core temps type program your safe and in the clear.
    That said the heat will takes it toll over time so getting a new heat sink is a good idea. try and EVO there like 25-30 bucks and are among the best air cooling around.
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