New Graphics Card!

So I need help picking one!

What I know about Graphics Cards is close to nothing, so it would be cool if you could explain why I should buy a certain card over another and what certain things actually mean.

Firstly, I'm not a big time gamer, just casual, so no need for anything out of this world, just want something powerful enough.

My current system is the following:

Packard Bell imedia S3800
Windows 7 Home Premium

CPU: Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.2GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 320

Screen: Samsung Syncmaster SA300 (22", 1920x1080 resolution)

So what I'm looking for is something relatively cheap, but it obviously has to be better than my current one, and obviously has to support 1920x1080 resolution.

Any other details you need, please ask!

It would be nice if someone could explain what to look for on a graphics card as well, huge thanks!
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  1. For some weird reason I cannot edit my first post.

    Well, my price range is about 75-150 USD, and I also forgot to mention that I need something with a powerful GPU (not expecting miracles for a 75-150 USD GFX card) considering I use Sony Vegas very often and it has a new GPU accelerator.
  2. There are two cards that would do justice for the price tag
    1- Nvidia GTX460 ( I got one )
    2- AMD HD6850

    I prefer the MSI or the ASUS cards . My ASUS GTX460 stays at 30'C @ idle and in the lower 60 s when playing BFBC2.

    If you can stretch your budget by a little you can get the HD6870. Its a different ballpark better suited for your 1080p resolution .

    GL :)
  3. I have been shopping a lot the past days and I finally bought an Sapphire 6770 LINK. $99 after mail-in-rebate.

    I am too a casual gamer.

    3 things :
    -Sapphire has a solid reputation in videocards. They are solid and not too noisy.
    -You need a boost, you can overclock it easily to get a %15 performance increase.
    -Good GPU core speed (850MHZ, can overclock at 960 if needed) for the money.

    What to look depends of what you need. You are talking about video editing and casual gaming. Of what I know... video editing goes with CPU mostly and gaming goes with video card "mostly".
  4. Also we will need to know what power supply you have, especially how many amps on the 12v it produces. (If you don't know you will have to open up your pc case and there should be a sticker on the psu with this info on it.)
  5. People on forums recommended me the same thing 6850/6870. These video cards are not for casual gamer but for hardcore gamer on budget.

    Same same again...people always focus on game but not on what you are asking. You are asking for budget , video editing, casual gaming. Don't loose your focus.

    I bet anyway you won't see any visual difference with a 6770 compare to a 6850 except if :

    -You want to play on really high resolution (ex. : 1080+) or
    -You play for long hours. Less than 60fps could make your eyes more tired after a few hours. That's an advice from a friend of mine (hardcore gamer).

    drippyfausett is right. Look at your powersupply since you might have to replace it depending on the videocard you are buying. For example the 6770 sapphire needs
    -1X75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express power connector (They also give in the box an psu adapter 12v_4 pins-to-pcie_6pins)
    -450 Watt Power Supply is required.
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