Gtx550ti sli vs 560ti

Hello, I want to upgrade my graphics card but im not sure if I should get one more 550ti and run two 550ti's in SLI or if I should just get one 560ti p.s I was wondering if it's possible to run a 560ti and a 550ti together in sli?
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  1. If you already have a 550 Ti, buying another one and SLIing them will out perform a single 560 Ti.

    No, you cannot SLI a 560 and a 550 together. 550 to 550, 560 to 560, 570 to 570, etc...
  2. I would get the 560 ti
    in that thread DM186 who is a veteran said:

    "They arn't worth it compaired to the 6870 which blows the doors off the 550 even a 460 blows them away. Two 550's can't touch one 560. I tried playing BF3 and it was only able to get good frps on low settings, and that was 25 frps.

    The only thing these are good for "ah let me think ah man it is coming to me I guess nothing". No seriously These cards only get 77% fan speed. The only one game I get truely get any descent frps is ShoGun 2 total war. On the campain map 25 to 30 frps in battle I get 60 to 90 frps.

    These were the first of the 5xx series and they just don't have the power in them to give you more bang for the buck. They are good to give you less bang for the buck. "

    For a 560 Ti to beat two 550s in SLI, it heavily depends on the exact model of the 560 Ti. After all, there are a billion million fillion of the dang things out from just as many manufacturers. I would just say go by the chart pasted above and go from there. Either way, you can't go wrong. Two 550s may (or may at least come close) to matching a single 560 Ti. Or... you can buy the 560 Ti and sell the 550 Ti to recoup some of that cost.
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