I7 build with new case good air flow?


using Noctua fans on all cooling portion???

11 140mm Noctua NF P-14 and and 10 120mm Noctua NF P12? currently my friend already bought all the fans,and already has a set up and just waiting for the new case to arrive

@stock clock(all of them)
noctua nh-d14
i7 2600k
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Z
msi rf2 gtx570 3-waysli
16gb g.skill 1600
corsair ax1200w

and yes he doesn't want water cooling so hes thinking of going that way with that chassis

right now hes not using a case, its just on a table loaded with house fans and with 2 aircon on a room and it didn't look nice so he finally decided on getting one,

does he have enough power with his psu powering up 21 noctua fans + his system?
and will it keep his system cool enough and stay on the safe level of 60-78c


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  1. He needs to connect a hose to the front of the case so he can vacuum the floor with it .

    That is ridiculous over kill
  2. well yeah i said the same but i'm still not sure if it's cooling power hence i ask here, but hey its his money, and he already have the fans at his house, just waiting for the case, but still the question still lingers if it has enough power with all 21fans occupied, on a 3way sli (stock clock) and well now his i7 2600k is @ 4.5ghz but still i hope some people who had this chassis can give us some answers or people who've seen this in person or know someone who has it at least
  3. well i'm looking at review but still i hope someone out there can give us some nice screens on about this topic
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