Cm gx550w >= gtx550? can it handle it.


I am planning to buy a CM GX550w but i doubt if it can handle 2 GTX550 Ti SLI. So can it handle it?
My specs are:

cpu - i5 2500k at 4.2ghz
mobo - asus p8z68 M-Pro
2 hd
2 gtx550 ti sli

Tnx to those who can enlighten me. :D
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    2 GTX 550ti cards in SLI are estimated to draw about 24A on the +12v rail at a max power consumption of 287W. (Something you will probably never reach)

    Use this calculator to get an idea of the rest of your system's needs. But I would say you are fine with the 550W CM PSU since its +12v rail is rated at 44A.
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