Antec kuhler H2o 920 making weird sound. CPU overheating! Help!

Hi there,

Here is the story: Last night I had to unscrew the fan/rad for my Antec Kuhler 920 so I could install some LED sleeves. I carefully set down the items in my case, and when finished put everything back in its place. When I powered up, the cooler off the bat made a weird continuing buzz/hum (tho the fans were working as they should be). The sound appears to be coming from the cold plate area....the piece that actually SITS on the CPU...or in that region in anycase.

At somepoint last night I was fiddling with the software and in my HW Monitor I noticed my CPU temp jumped to 177!! I quickly turned off my system in a panic and after getting over the light heart attack I had, decided to try again this morning.

When I popped on this morning I immediately set fans to 2500rpm, and the CPU stayed at about 50 degrees. The noise continues and my suspicion is that the liquid is not pumping through the tubes properly...

Anyone experience this and does anyone have any suggestions please? I am so worried about my CPU :sweat:
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  1. Did you figure it out? Kinked tubes? Fans rubbing? No liquid escaped? I was hoping someone could answer this.
  2. I brought it into the shop because a lot of sites suggested it may be a broken pump. I was told by the comp shop that it likely is a broken pump and to send it back to Antec to take a look!

    To be continued...

    (it sad definitely NOT kinked tubes or fan def sounds like an issue from cold plate remates to pump, and the guy at comp shop said sometimes it does "just go")
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