Cheap CPU that won't bottleneck anything??

Here are the supported CPU's.

or Biostar H61-MGC

GTS 450 or GT 440
4GB RAM DDR3 (Do not know what brand yet)
Asrock H61M-DGS or Biostar H61-MGC
Antec VP 450

I need to compare the two mobos to see what to buy. :kaola:
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  1. dirtyferret said:
    the i3-2100 would fit your needs

    even a G840 will work fine with the GTS 450

    Thanks, do you also know what brand of RAM I can get?
    Sorry for asking too much.
  2. Are you in the US? has an i3-2120 with a $10 discount ($115).
  3. jeffredo said:
    Are you in the US? has an i3-2120 with a $10 discount ($115).

    Sorry No I live in the Philippines.
  4. dirtyferret said:
    don't worry about brands since they all get their ram from just a handful of suppliers. patriot, corsair, crucial, PNY, they are all good and often sell the exact same product once you take away their brand name. get the ram that best fits your budget, shoot for 4GB minimum. 8GB will last you well into future upgrades.

    How come G.skills are the most expensive and Kingston are the cheapest?
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