Processor and Motherboard question [Intel and AMD]

Which one of these combinations are the best?

$220 i5 2500K with:

$100 Mobo:


$110 FX-4100

$150 Mobo:

Im not trying to cheap out on the Mobo but the i5 i have heard and read is much better for price/performance.
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  1. I have have the 990FX-UD3 board (with a 1055T) and it's a good solid board with loads of features. But it depends what you need/want.

    If you're after performance, the 2500K will stomp all over the FX 4100 in the majority of software. If you can deal with a slow CPU but need a bigger feature set on your motherboard then the 990FX would be the better pick. BUT, you do get the overall slower CPU's along with it, granted, Piledriver is coming so that might change. But if you're after performance, i'd stay away from AM3+ boards for now.

    So my pick overall though would be the 2500K and P67 board.
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