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how do i set the time correctly for my posts? right now its 4:29am and its says 10:29am.... i actually had this same problem in digby when checkin my pop3 account from within the program (times were off for messages)... the admin says that my pop3 server was messing up, not the program... is it just me or something? i looked through the options for the site and saw nothing about setting the time differently..ty
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  1. ironically, this post has the correct time...

  2. I'm in the UK and currently on GMT with no daylight saving adjustments and your first post shows up as having been posted at 09:31, my time. It seems the time setting is automatically adjusted for whichever country you're in - I can't find the setting to change it but someone must know.

    Sometimes, when I look at a sub-Forum heading page, a post will shows as having been posted some hours ahead of me but if I look at the post itself, the time is automatically adjusted.

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