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I'm looking to buy a new video card. There two cards that catch my eye are...

Radeon 6670:

GPU Clock Speed: 800 MHz

Stream Processors: 480 Stream Processing Units


Radeon 6750:

GPU Clock Speed: 700 MHz

Stream Processors: 720 Stream Processing Units

Both cards are nearly identical in other aspects, except that the Radeon 6750 has more additional features than the 6670.

My main question is: What is the performance difference between these two cards given their difference in clock speed and stream processing units?

My other questions are: What do stream processing units do in the performance of an AMD card, and how does having more or less effect performance?

Other thoughts: What would be the better buy for a non-hardcore gamer and video producer?
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  1. The 6750 is a good deal better. More stream proccessors basically give you better performance.
  2. streaming processors are like cores almost. But that doesn't mean 480 cores. Because Amd bundle them together they are way lower than that number actually states.

    To make it simple think of it as the horsepower of the gpu. But for that horsepower to work you need a good connection to the memory of the card as fast processors and slow Vram can slow down your gpu and vice versa.

    The easiest ,way to see what gpu is the best just look at its SINGLE PRECISION G/FLOPS.
    The bigger the number the better it is
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    It's a common amateur mistake to look at the spec sheet when choosing a graphics card. If you go by what gnomio said, the 6750 is about 25% more glfops but real world performance would be much less, closer to 15%. You want to look at real world app benchmarks not spec sheets. You're mostly only going to find gaming benchmarks for graphics cards but if you have gpu acceleration when video encoding it will speed it up with a more powerful card.
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