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Hi, I have an old Asus A8N-E motherboard with on-board ac97 audio. I loaded XP and the Asus supplied downloaded AC97 driver but didn't get any sound. I noticed in the manual there were 2 jumpers on the front panel audio header on pins 5-6 and 9-10. They didn't talk about it in the manual except to say to take off the jumpers if you wanted to hook up a front panel speaker/mic. On the old motherboard I have those pins weren't jumpered. I tried some jumpers and suddenly the sound worked. I've googled all over for an explanation for this but haven't found anything. Does anyone know why these jumpers have to be on? Thanks!
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  1. it all describe in motherboard user manuel at page 1-29 and 1-30 this permit ot have sound for the front panel l and r ac 97 channel on
  2. Thanks, scout. I see that page but it doesn't explain it very well. I wonder why the rear audio jacks don't work without these jumpers?
  3. had this board before those jumper use to interconnect the sound on the board to front and rear panel
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    It sounds like it just forces pass through of the audio to the rear jacks (similar to older home audio equipment that has something like that, that when you remove the "jumpers", it enables you to use an in line equalizer or to just use it as a pre-amp to connect a better/more powerful amp).
  5. Oh, makes more sense now. I was just curious and you both have helped a lot. Thanks! This can be closed now as far as I'm concerned...
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