Visual interference when playing 3d games...

I'm not really sure where to put this issue that i'm having so I apologize if this isn't the right sub-forum here.

Essentially I just got a new PC and I have noticed a visual interference problem when playing games. Lets use Skyrim as an example.

What is happening is, well its hard to explain so bear with me. It is most noticeable on dark scenes and it is not so noticable that it is a huge issue but definitely distracting.

What I am seeing is moving horizontal bands of light/dark. Basically it is like there are horizontal bands moving up and down my screen of different brightnesses. I only notice this in games, not showing up when just generally using the pc.

Their is no real discoloration, it is just brighter or darker, and it is strange because they don't show up in screenshots and they do not show up in the Skyrim menus.

Here is what i'm running:

i5 2500k overclocked a bit
Windows 7 64 bit
8gb ram
SLI 560 ti's
Nvidia beta drivers (latest but it happens with all drivers i've tried)
NOT using 3d vision, only 1 monitor, vga cable converted to DVI at the video card (but again, only showing up in 3d games, while in game, not in menus)

Has anyone seen this before? I wish I could show you an example but again, it doesnt show up in screens that I take.

Any help would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Okay just a note, I am not running "3d" as in pop in your face 3d. I meant just regular good old NON-2d games...

    I am not running "3d" at all. Just meant, regular non-2d games.
  2. Also forgot to mention that about once a day my screen goes black and it says something about my display drivers stopping responding. I hope this issue isnt something to do with my SLI setup.
  3. Sounds like the Gamma on the monitor is a bit wacky. also that driver message is probably just buggy drivers.
  4. this is rastering lines the card , you need to install correct driver for graphic card
  5. Never heard of rastering, thats interesting. I guess it could be drivers.

    Also, i doubt its gamma related since it is only noticeable in 3d applications and not on just black screens, etc.
  6. google it for the picture you will see exactly what i mean
  7. It is not rasterizing. I've found about 20 threads on the issue but no solutions.

    Someone mentioned V-Sync but that didn't fix it.

    I have a feeling its something to do with the way my video card is interacting with my monitor, like refresh rate (currently I have two options, 59 and 60, both have the issue).
  8. what is the frequency your monitor is set to lcd work well at 60 hz,check setting between card an monitor if they use the same frequency
  9. scout_03 said:
    what is the frequency your monitor is set to lcd work well at 60 hz,check setting between card an monitor if they use the same frequency

    How do I check what frequency my cards use?

    I have SLI - Nvidia 560 Ti's. The monitor is at 60hz.
  10. I am currently experiencing the same problem too -Raven77.
    I have a MSI GTX 560 TI. Cost me a lot of money, I sent it back to the manufacturer to see if there was any faults and they returned it with no faults either.
    I'm certain its interference with something in my computer, I have swapped monitors, bought a new Motherboard, bought a new PSU basically bought everything new in my computer?

    Any other suggestions?
    Josh M
  11. Try adjusting different settings. I found with one of the unengine benchmarks, AA caused that issue and it wasn't just me, everyone had the same issue. Do you have FXAA on by chance?
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