Will my cpu be a bottleneck and can it handle:

Im planning to buy an fx8120 or fx8150 and get a 990fx-d3 gigabyte mobo.
I have 8gb of corsair vengeance ram and an asus overclocked 560gtx (factory 925mhz oc).

Would my cpu bottleneck my 560gtx in battlefield 3, guild wars 2 and dota2 ? Will it bottleneck if i get my gtx560 running in sli ?
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  1. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  2. A lot of ppl are saying, that 8150 and 8120 heavily bottlenecks gpu-s and i should get a 2500k instead for gaming and livestreaming and video encoding...
  3. asked a lot of guys, and everybody said that get the 2500k over the 8120 even tho 8120 is 140 euros and 2500k is 192 euros...
    i will be saving about 70 euros with the amd version :/

    i wanna play gw2, dota2 and other games and livestream without a heartbeat. can fx8120 handle that ?
  4. Those people saying that are probably closed minded intel fanboys. Yes the i5 2500k is better than the 8120 but it is not going to bottleneck any GPU for years to come, and it will defintely not bottleneck a gtx 560. And also if you have several programs open that require 4+ Cores/Threads the AMD would be the right choice.
  5. So - 2x 560gtx with fx8120 will run just perfectly and balanced and can run dota2 and battlefield 3 and gw2 (after its optimized) just fine ?
  6. Yes. With no problems.
  7. But how much better performance will 2500k give in that same situation ? (with 2 gtx 560-s and overclocking and heat and gaming performance (gw2 etc.))
  8. The i5 2500k will give you a small increase in all aspects except heavy multitasking because the 8120 actually has 4 cores and the i5 has more powerful cores but the 8120 has 8 threads so it will give you a boost in CPU demanding programs.
  9. but, i looked at the cinebench of the fx8120, the single core has the score of 0.9 and my pentium dual core e6500 has a score of 0.75... does that mean i only get about 20% increased performance in games that run on for example only 1 core ?

    I understand im getting a HUGE boost in bf3 and games like that, but still... how big of a boost is that from pentium dual core e6500 to fx8120...

    also, i want to overclock it to 4.0ghz or so - will a hyper 212 evo cooler do ? with corsair 600w psu ? can it support the overclocking at decent temp ?
  10. anyone ? :P
  11. do your dimensions homework :\

    just went the way of an i5 2500k and a new z77 mobo and the old hyper 212 plus covers up one of my RAM slots..

    The cooler itself totally does the job, great cooler, but if you are going to have "gaming ram" with high heatsinks or your RAM slots are close to your cpu make sure your cpu heatsink+fan is either short enough from your closest RAM slot or is tall enough to go over it.
  12. yeh im going with a 2500k... so much flame for the 8120 and i heard 2500k has better performance in mmos

    gonna go with ASUS P8Z68-V LX and 2500k :)
  13. Glad you reached a decision but i would recommend that you get a z77 mobo they are around the same price as z68's and will be better in the long term.
  14. why is z77 better than a z68 ?
  15. 'Aside from the 22nm processor support for Intel 'Ivy Bridge' processors there are a couple of other significant features with the Intel Z77 Express chipset. Much of the hype about the Intel Z77 chipset has to do with the integration of Intel's own SuperSpeed USB 3.0 into the chipset. When the Intel Z77 chipset is coupled with one of the new Intel 'Ivy Bridge' processors the PCIe x16 slots will be capable of running PCIe Gen 3 cards at full bandwidth. Previously PCIe Gen3 cards would run at PCIe Gen2 speeds. An addition to the Z77 chipset is the ability to run three graphics cards, albeit in an x8,x4,x4 configuration. The Intel Z68 and P67 chipsets were only capable of running two cards in an x8,x8 configuration. Both chipsets have the ability to run a single graphics card at x16, or dual cards at x8,x8. The natively supported memory speed has also been increased on the Intel Ivy Bridge platform. The initial Intel LGA1155 socket chipsets like the P67 and Z68 supported memory at 1333MHz, Ivy Bridge will support memory at 1600MHz natively! This hasn't exactly been an issue since all of the motherboards that we have come across since the initial iteration of the LGA1155 chipset have featured memory multipliers that allowed us to increase the speed of our memory. While the speed of the supported memory has been increased, the Intel Ivy Bridge platforms will still only support dual channel memory architecture.'

    Source: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1882/1/
  16. yeah, but there are no good and cheap z77 mobos at my retailer, so im gonna go with the asus z68 one, since its not a big difference anyways...
  17. Ok. It's your choice just make sure you are happy with it. Good luck on your new build.
  18. Also, i could go with https://www.galador.ee/catalog/product/134861-ga-990fxa-d3-gigabyte-ga-990fxa-d3-amd-990fx-sb950-4-x-1-5v-ddr3-d
    and fx-8120 (50 euros cheaper than 2500k) and get an hyper 212 and OC it a bit.

    Is it worth it ? Does it give better performance (i get an aftermarket cooler and can OC) Also its 8 cores and im not only gaming, but video encoding, multitasking while gaming etc. Livestreaming and fraps video recording.
  19. The hyper 212 evo is great but as Overuler said it will obstruct the ram slots make so make sure the mobo has enough space. The downside of the 8120 is that its sweet spot is when it is using 4+ cores so if you are just gaming and livestreaming and a few non intensive programs than the 8120 is not going to do well.

    But note that you can overclock the 2500k on stock cooler with minimal problems.
  20. Should i go with 2500k and stock cooler and overclock a little bit or go with fx8120 and aftermarket cooler and overclock a lot ?
  21. It comes down to whether you want to sacrifice quicker video encoding and demanding multitasking or sacrifice better gaming&livestreaming/everday use.
  22. so 2500k is better livestreaming and gaming ?
  23. Yes. The 8120 only excels at demanding multitasking.
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