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Hi all,

I recently bought an HP Dv7t Quad and upgraded the screen to a 1920x1080 resolution, I also upgraded to the 1GB Radeon HD 6770M GDDR5 graphics card. It's located here.

Once set up and working with the computer on software I use all the time, browsing the web, etc, I have found some things to be a little small and don't know if I should keep it or get a 1600x900 display. I have a few questions that might help me decide.

The 1920x1080 is set at 125% and is still too small in is mostly it's on web page text and programs that pay no attention to what size you put in the Control Panel ->Appearance and Personalization -> Display ->Make Text and Other Items Larger or Smaller. Or can't use Zoom in. At 100% everything is way too darn tiny for me. However I've set it between 118% to 136%, and the text is sharp and the graphics are sharp, and that is important to me because I have dizziness and migraine issues due to health problems and displays can flare them up BADLY. I am VERY picky about my displays. It's also anti-glare which is nice. However, I also had to get out my Huey screen calibrator because the contrast/brightness/color was not good at all. It was way too blue/bright/colors too contrasty etc. I used to be a graphics designer :P I finally got it decent but it took a monitor calibrator to do it. I'm finding the text in the box I am am typing in to write this is a little small, but very sharp. The good thing is, is responds to zooming in :)

I have access to a Dv7 with a native 1600x900 resolution, with just an integrated graphics card and less power all around. The size of everything is much more comfortable, but everything is much less sharp, blurry compared to the 1920x1080. It also has a screen that is pretty glare prone, it's shiny. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to make it better.

My questions are:

It doesn't seem to affect the size of graphics on web pages or photos I am working on in Photoshop Elements, but does bumping up the percentage of the display degrade web graphics or photos in any way? Are there downsides I don't see?

Can I expect the text and graphics to be sharper in a Dv7 1600x900 IF the graphics card is the 1GB Radeon HD 6770M GDDR5 instead of the integrated graphics of the way lesser model? Will it make a huge difference?

Are there other things I should know about the difference in rez to help me decide?

Thank you for any suggestions,
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  1. Stick with 1080p res. Bump up the text size to more than 100% (you choose what percentage is comfortable). Adjust your ClearType text settings on Window 7. And have additional text zoom on webpage by Ctrl + Scroll mouse wheel up.
  2. Hi Pyree,

    Thanks. I finally found a Dv7 with 1600x900 and a bumped up graphics card at a store on display. I did go look. Didn't like it. The test was not noticeably better with the bumped up graphics card over the integrated display. I am still not sure about keeping it due to other issues, but the 1920x1080 is definitely a lot crisper. I also like the anti-glare too. So I will continue in that direction.
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