Trying to build my first (gaming) PC

Please excuse my terminology and knowledge. I am researching on a mid-high end gaming pc. I would also like to use it for design, mostly photoshop. I found this website and liked the mid range prices >$1000.

GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 Intel Z68 ($140)

Intel Core i5-2500K Quad Core ($230)

Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) ($50)

Video Card
EVGA GTX 560 Ti 1GB ($235)

Sound Card
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 7.1 ($30)

Hard Drive
Western Digital Caviar Blue 750GB ($110)

Optical Drive
LG 24x Internal DVDRW Drive ($20)

Thermaltake Armor A90 Black ATX Case ($90)

Power Supply
Corsair Builder Series CX600 (600W) ($55)

Would anybody recommend anything different? I know some motherboard support 2 graphic cards, would that be a better option? I wouldn't mind spending more of that. Also should I need a extra/different cooler/fan for the processor? Will this rig last me a good while or is it at least be upgrade-able? Thanks
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  2. One graphics card is all you need for now .

    There is no need for the sound card . The mb has a sound system built in thats going to be just as good .
  3. 1) Motherboard HD sound is good. Try it first.

    2) Sandy bridge is insensitive to ram speeds. Get a cheaper kit with low heat spreaders like this for $35. 1.5v ram does not need tall heat spreaders which can interfere with some coolers.

    3) You bought a "K" to overclock. Get an aftermarket cooler. It will keep your chip cooler, quieter, and OC better.
    $30 buys you a good cooler like a Xigmatek gaia or cm hyper212.

    4) Hard drive prices are currently very high, and the caviar blue is not as fast as the black.
    Consider A 60-80GB SSD to start with. It will make everything feel so much quicker. It will hold the OS and a handful of games.
    When hard drives come back to normal pricing, get one for overflow and storage.

    5) The GTX560ti is a good card. Think about how you might want to upgrade in the future. If you will forgo the sli option, you can save a bit up front.
    You can get a cheaper M-atx motherboard, less need for a very strong psu, and a few other benefits. Here are my thoughts on
    Dual graphics cards vs. a good single card.

    a) How good do you really need to be?
    A single GTX560 or 6870 can give you great performance at 1920 x 1200 in most games.

    A single GTX560ti or 6950 will give you excellent performance at 1920 x 1200 in most games.
    Even 2560 x 1600 will be good with lowered detail.
    A single GTX580 is about as good as it gets.

    Only if you are looking at triple monitor gaming, then sli/cf will be needed.

    b) The costs for a single card are lower.
    You require a less expensive motherboard; no need for sli/cf or multiple pci-e slots.
    Even a ITX motherboard will do.

    Your psu costs are less.
    A GTX560ti needs a 450w psu, even a GTX580 only needs a 600w psu.
    When you add another card to the mix, plan on adding 150-200w to your psu requirements.

    Case cooling becomes more of an issue with dual cards.
    That means a more expensive case with more and stronger fans.
    You will also look at more noise.

    c) Dual cards do not always render their half of the display in sync, causing microstuttering. It is an annoying effect.
    The benefit of higher benchmark fps can be offset, particularly with lower tier cards.
    Read this:,2995.html

    d) dual card support is dependent on the driver. Not all games can benefit from dual cards.

    e) cf/sli up front reduces your option to get another card for an upgrade. Not that I suggest you plan for that.
    It will often be the case that replacing your current card with a newer gen card will offer a better upgrade path.

    Here is a M-atx motherboard for $120:
    Or, even this asrock with 2 ram slots will do for $85:

    6) If you love the case get it.
    A well reviewed case for less is the Antec 300 illusion model for $70 with free shipping. Check shipping costs, cases are heavy and may cost $20 to ship.

    If you go the M-atx route, here is the case I use, Silverstone TJ08E:
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