Gateway nv53 screen won't turn on when opened but turns on when closed

So I've had my
since July 2010 and a few weeks ago i was laying in bed and i accidentally dropped it, it landed sideways with the charger connected to it. I fixed the charger and everything else, but when i open the screen and press the start button it won't turn on. But once i close the screen it turns on, and once it's on my log in screen i open the screen and the screen goes black. It's like if the screen shut off has been reversed. It doesn't shut down it's only the screen, but I've taken it apart and checked everything and nothing seems to be out of line. Everything seems in order, but I'm getting frustrated. I'm running Windows 7 and it's a Gateway NV5384u.

If anyone has any ideas I'll be more than glad to hear them and test them out

Thank you In Advance
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  1. Laptop problems could be more stressful than PC's. All I can say is get your laptop to Gateway service center and let them check it for you...
  2. Can someone explain the switch mechanism awake/sleep mode on the NV53?
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