Some computer problems

Currently am running:

Intel Core i5 2500k @ stock 3.7
w/ 212+ running push/pull
AMD Radeon 6950
Asus Maximus Gene-Z Mobo
Intel 40g SSD-Im a cheapo:(
WD black HD 1TB

And a Large Large case.. (Didn't know it was a micro mobo..)

My problem is my computer randomly shutting off all the time. I will log into a game and it will be okay for maybe about 3 minutes and then it will freeze up, my USB ports will stop working and then it will shut down.

I have been monitoring my CPU and GPU temps and they are staying very stable. CPU=40 on load. GPU=60 on load.

Would anybody have any ideas on this? It would be greatly appreciated... Thank you.
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  1. What did you try already to find out what's wrong?
  2. What games are crashing? AMD is notorious for having bad drivers, make sure you have the latest version.
  3. What power supply do you have?
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