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I am new in here, so welcome all PC maniacs :)

I hope You can give me some useful information because i didnt find it on my national forums.
Very soon i will open the Computer Support Service. I will be repair, back-up, instal etc. pc and laptops...
Now i am thinking what will be the better option:
Better to buy "used" every kind of motherboard(i mine socket) Every kind of memory(i mine ddr1,2,3,dimm) agp GPU, pcie GPU and so on...
Better to buy that Chinese diagnostic card with leds which You can find here:

There price is very similar.

Of course i could use POST diagnostic card, my knowledge and experience but i want to have good backup in my computer service.
I want to look a bit professional :)
Guys i really need that advice. That diagnostic cards are a new stuff for me and i know very little about them.

Every advice for Computter Support Service will be welcome!

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  1. Hi :)

    I own computer shops that do repairs and a laptop repair company...

    DONT buy those cards...they are a rip off and no good....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thank You for reply
    Could You tell me why ?
    Maybe You can propose something interesting ?
  3. Hi :)

    There is only one tool you NEED to repair a computer or laptop....

    Its called >>>> AN EXPERIENCED BRAIN <<<

    In other words , if YOU dont know how...them EMPLOY someone or lots of someones who DO...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. it cant be that simple... Yes, i always think that the skill is everything in this job but i need to buy something
    I dont know how it works in UK but in my country people want to see what they pay for. If i need to repair computer at clients home and he will see that i use nothing and get his cash, he could be frustrated and say to others something like "he took a lot of money for almost nothing"... I hope You know what i mine
  5. Hi :)

    Sorry but the UK is different....if I go to someones house or office, I charge £60 per hour and NO part hours....I fix their problem and they pay me...

    I make sure they know what I charge BEFORE i go to them...thats important....

    No flashy equipment.... there isnt any really...

    Just me , my brain and a small tool kit , containing a Multimeter and a few Snap-On screwdrivers...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Holy crap 60GPB per hour :O In my country the price for hour is about 60 but PLN and this is 12GPB AND this is still a lot of for many people.

    Ok Thank You Brett for Your support in this topic. I agree with You 100% but we live in other worlds i see :)
    Anyway i need to reconsider my choices.
    I hope You have nothing against if i sometimes mail You for advice ?
  7. Hi :)

    No problem emailing me at all :)

    All the best Brett :)
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