Micro Shuttering???

Ok I have a simple query for the general populous.

I am looking to run two 6850 and I wanted to know just how much people actually notice micro shuttering. Before everybody jumps in I would like to hear from people who have or are actually running 6850 or similar cards in crossfire. I also want to say that I am looking at running two of these because I already have one that I got a few months ago when my old card died and I did not have tome to throw into a new card.

This is my fist experience with sli/crossfire. I ran across lots of info on micro shuttering but it still seems like there are tons of people out there that are running these set ups so I want to know how many people actually see this phenomenon and just how bad it is.


PS: Going to double post this in the OC forum as well since I will probably OC these cards.
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  1. What's your native resolution and do you have own on of the cards already?
  2. gnomio said:
    What's your native resolution and do you have own on of the cards already?

    Yes I have one of these already which is why I am looking at using two cards. Other wise I would just spend the money on a higher card. I run 1900x1080.
  3. I had 6850 CF and microstutter was pretty damn noticable and horrible. Such a shame. Gave my other card to my brother and kept one.
  4. Are you running a 2600k? If so disable hyper threadign.
  5. I will be running a 2500K. I am working on putting this build together and I was trying to gather some experiance from people who have had this setup. I have one 6850 and right now I am trying to guage if I should try and sell it and take a hit to get a better single card or go the crossfire route. So far I have one hear from one person who has had this set up and they said tehy got rid of the second card and that worries me. I am not a fan of waisting money and it looks like I am betweena rock and a hard place here.
  6. I use 5850's in crossfire (my specs are in my sig block below) and can't say that I notice microstuttering much. If you already have a 6850 I'd recommend getting another. If you're particularly concerned about it, you can buy a card from a brand like XFX with a transferrable warranty to make it a little easier to sell.

    Buying another 6850 (for $125-150) will give you performance comparable to a GTX 580 (going for under $500 with rebates these days but still much more expensive).

    I'm not discounting microstutter, but I will say that prior to TH doing an article on it a couple of months ago I can say I had never heard anyone complain about it. You still don't see many that are bothered by it, but perhaps it's one of those things that once it's noticed it's hard to ignore. For my part I'm quite happy with Crossfire, and dual-gpu setups are required for the very-high-end of pc gaming.
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